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Proposal for new potash mine in the North York Moors

The North York Moors National Park Authority has received planning application documents from York Potash Ltd for the development of a new potash mine at Dove’s Nest Farm, to the south of Sneaton village, near Whitby.

This is a major proposal for the National Park which would involve the construction of two deep mine shafts with associated development on land at Dove’s Nest Farm/ Haxby Plantation. York Potash proposes to extract polyhalite mineral from underneath an area covering 253 square kilometres to the south and west of Whitby.

The Authority understands the significance of the proposals and will carefully assess the potential economic benefits as well as the environmental impacts in accordance with the Authority’s planning policies and taking all relevant considerations into account before reaching any decision.

The Authority encourages residents, visitors, parish councils, businesses and all those who might be affected by the proposals to take the opportunity to engage in the planning process and comment on the application.

The Authority expects to be able to validate the application on Monday, February 4 and it will be available to view on the Authority’s website shortly afterwards. The application will also be available for public inspection at the Authority’s offices in Helmsley, the Town Council offices at Pannett Park in Whitby and at Scarborough Borough Council’s offices in St Nicholas Street, Scarborough.

The Authority is planning to hold a public meeting in the local area as part of the consultation process. Notices will be placed in local newspapers and on the Authority’s website with details of the consultation and the timescale for the public to comment.

As long as all the necessary information to assess the proposals has been provided, the Authority hopes to be able to determine the application within 16 weeks as agreed with York Potash as part of the Planning Performance Agreement for the project.

The application will be considered by the National Park Authority’s Members at a Special Planning Committee meeting towards the end of the 16-week period. This meeting will be held in the Whitby area rather than at the Authority’s offices in Helmsley to enable local residents to attend more easily.

The North York Moors National Park

1. The National Park was created on 28 November, 1952 and became Britain’s sixth National Park. National Parks are hugely popular with the public – in a poll undertaken in December 2009, 82% of people felt National Parks were important to them personally.

2. The North York Moors National Park is the place where nature and history inspire each other. Its contrasting landscape has a long imprint of human activity: prehistoric remains, vibrant villages and magnificent abbeys. Ancient trees, towering coastal cliffs and rolling heather moorland provide habitats for a wide range of wildlife and its wide open spaces and breathtaking vistas bring a sense of peace and tranquillity.

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5. Nearly 14% of our staff are apprentices from local families.

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31 January 2013

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