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Key Stage 3 and Above

Caedmon School on River StudyCaedmon School on River Study

These activities are led by experienced National Park Education Service staff and unless otherwise stated are based at The Moors National Park Centre at Danby.  Activities last from an hour up to a full day and maxiumum capacity is usually 60 pupils depending on the activity and location. If you can't see anything suitable here, let us know. We're happy to adapt or develop activities whenever possible to link to your curriculum or syllabus requirements or to cater for any special needs of your students.

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Fieldwork and geographical skills

Map Skills and Geocaching (pdf)

River Investigations

Moorlands as Indicators of Climate Change(pdf)

Coastal Fieldwork at Robin Hoods Bay

Endangered Ecosystems (pdf)

Impacts of Footpath Erosion on a Moorland Environment (pdf)

Impacts of Heather Burning on a Moorland Environment (pdf)

Talks and classroom activities

Wind Turbines in a National Park (pdf)

Illustrated Talks (pdf)

Free assemblies for local schools (pdf) 


Free resources to extend and support learning around visits, including guides for ESOL learners.

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