The National Park Authority offers advice and limited funds to protect or enhance particular habitats and species within the National Park, especially those listed as priorities in the Local Biodiversity Action Plan (see below).

Natural England may also offer funding through Environmental Stewardship.


  • Farmland, including hedges, ditches, ponds, cereal field margins, beetle banks and buffer strips, and moorland edge habitats.
  • Lowland wetland
  • Marine sublittoral habitats (ie shore)
  • Maritime cliffs and slopes
  • Moorland
  • Rivers and streams
  • Road verges
  • Species-rich grassland
  • Woodland
  • Wood pasture, parkland and veteran trees


  • Arable flowers
  • Bats
  • Dwarf cornel
  • Farmland birds
  • Freshwater pearl mussel
  • Great crested newt
  • Juniper
  • Moorland birds
  • Rare butterflies and moths
  • Water vole
  • White-clawed crayfish
  • Wild daffodils


Rona Charles, Ecology Officer or Bill Shaw, Ecology and Conservation Land Management Adviser

Tel: 01439 772700


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