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BT consultation on removal of Phone Boxes

Levisham by Chris CeaserLevisham by Chris Ceaser

The North York Moors National Park Authority has recently been made aware of a consultation on a proposed programme of intended public payphone removals by BT.

Phone boxes can provide a much valued service to the local community, especially in areas with poor or no mobile signal (known as not-spots) or, in the case of villages which still retain the iconic traditional red phone box, they provide a valuable contribution to the character of the streetscape. The consultation process allows local communities the opportunity to adopt a traditional red heritage phone box which you can do for a £1 charge. Several communities have done this already in order to save them as an asset to the village streetscene.

The Authority is looking to compile a list of phone boxes for retention which will then be fed back to the District/Borough Councils and BT. We are therefore eager to hear your thoughts on the matter and in particular from those areas where mobile signal is poor. If you have any reasons why a phone box scheduled for removal in your village should be retained, please let us know.

List of the proposed phone boxes to be removed within the National Park.

The consultation period closes on the 11 December and therefore we would appreciate any comments by 30 November 2016 to feed into a response.

Please email any thoughts to and we will coordinate a response.

If you are interested in adopting your kiosk, further information and advice can be found on BT's website.