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Custom and Self-Build Register

Are you interested in building or commissioning your own bespoke home within the North York Moors National Park?

We are compiling a register of people who may be interested in building their own home in the North York Moors National Park, either on their own or as part of a group or association. We are doing this for four reasons:

What is custom and self-build housing?

Self-build housing usually means that you are directly involved in organising the design and construction of your new home. Custom build usually means working with a specialist developer to help you build your own home. There may be some overlap between the two – for example, some custom build developers offer the option of a serviced plot where you can design and build your own home as part of a larger scheme. The crucial element is that the person or persons that will eventually occupy the home are the driving force in its design and construction.

Custom and self-build housing brings with it several advantages. Firstly there’s the obvious one – the house is designed in a way that meets the exact needs and aspirations of the occupants. Secondly, it can encourage people to come up with innovative or bespoke designs which can really be designed to complement the area it is within. Thirdly there may be a substantial cost saving – although the design process may cost more than buying ‘off the peg’ custom and self-builders are avoiding the ‘mark-up’ that a third party builder may be seeking. They may also be able to negotiate a lower land price locally or have their own land to build on.

What is the register and how will we use information on it?

By signing up, you will help us find out more about the demand for custom build plots in the North York Moors National Park. This would include where people would like their plot to be, the type of house that they would like to build and the way in which they would like to do so. Information collected via this form may be used to explore ways in which it might be possible for people and plots to be brought together.

Registration does not guarantee that a suitable plot will be identified or become available. Please be aware that self and custom building homes are subject to the same requirement for planning permission as other homes. This could mean that any new homes (including custom and self-build) may be subject to some form of local occupancy control aimed at making sure that the occupants have some form of connection to the local area.

The register was created on 15 June 2016.

How to sign up for the register.

If you would like to register your interest, please complete the registration form, which asks a number of questions to help us establish your requirements:

The Old Vicarage
YO62 5BP

…or attach a scan of the form to an email and send it to us at

Before you do this, please ensure that you meet the follow criteria:

  • Aged 18 or over
  • Are a British Citizen/a national of an European Economic Area state other than the United Kingdom/or a national of Switzerland
  • Seeking to acquire a plot of land to occupy your sole or main residence.

If you have any questions please contact the Planning Policy team by email: or phone 01439 772700.

More information

If you are interested in custom and self-build housing you may find the following websites of use:

* The Self Build Portal:
* National Self Build Association:
* Community Self Build Agency: