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Meet the Planning Team

Planners on site inspectionPlanners on site inspection

Planners Area Map

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Director of Planning

Chris France

Head of Development Management

Mark Hill (Monday - Thursday)

Planning Team Leader

Hilary Saunders

Northern Area Team Planning Officers

Ailsa Teasdale, Senior Planning Officer (Wednesday - Friday)

Cheryl Ward, Planning Officer (Monday - Thursday)

Christopher Knowles, Development Management Technician (Monday and Tuesday)

Southern Area Team Planning Officers

Jill Bastow Senior Planning Officer (Tuesday - Friday)

Helen Webster, Planning Officer

Christopher Knowles, Development Management Technician (Monday and Tuesday)

Administration Team

Wendy Strangeway, Planning Administration Officer

Dawn Paton, Planning Technician

Colette Kelly, Planning Technician

Kelsey Williamson, Business Administration Apprentice

Enforcement Team

Andrew Muir, Planning Team Leader

Rosie Gee, Senior Planning Officer (Alternate Mondays and Tuesday - Thursday)

Christopher Knowles, Compliance Office (Wednesday - Friday)

Building Conservation Team

Beth Davies, Building Conservation Officer (Tuesday - Thursday)

Edward Freedman (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Clair Shields (Tuesday)

Policy Team

Paul Fellows, Head of Strategic Policy

Clair Shields, (Monday, Wednesday - Friday)