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Off-road driving

Damage caused by off-road drivingDamage caused by off-road driving

Motorcycles and other motor vehicles are free to use the public road network in the National Park but cause problems when straying illegally off public roads on to footpaths, bridleways or moorland habitats. Offenders risk severe penalties for damaging Sites of Special Scientific Interest or archaeological sites.

In other places, some off-road vehicles are causing major damage to un-metalled, unclassified roads (also known as UURs or green lanes) making them impassable to other users. This damage, together with safety and noise factors is triggering renewed calls for severe restrictions on recreational vehicles in the countryside.

The National Park Authority encourages riders and drivers to be responsible in their use of this outstanding area. Users should respect its special qualities and the needs of other people, whose own enjoyment may be affected by damage and disturbance caused by motor vehicles.

Use our interactive map and Current Traffic Regulation Orders to plan any activity on green lanes in the North York Moors.

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Specialist sites offering off-road driving opportunities

Byways Open to All Traffic

There are very few Byways Open to All Traffic in the North York Moors. The longest - Hambleton Drove Road - crossing SSI and SPA moorland has a permanent TRO closing it to motor vehicles. You can see the order details here and the map here.