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A vision for the North York Moors

Standing stone on Blakey Ridge overlooking Farndale by Mike KiplingStanding stone on Blakey Ridge overlooking Farndale by Mike Kipling

A vision without a task is but a dream
A task without a vision is drudgery
A vision and a task is the hope of the world
(18th Century, Anon)

  • A place managed with care and concern for future generations.
  • A place where the diversity and distinctiveness of the landscape, villages and buildings is cherished.
  • A place where biological diversity, and the special qualities that are valued, are conserved and enhanced.
  • A place where the landscape and way of life is respected and understood.
  • A place where communities are more self-sustaining, and economic activity engenders environmental and recreational benefits.
  • A place that is special to people and that provides pleasure, inspiration and spiritual well being.
  • A place where visitors are welcome and cultural and recreational opportunities and experiences are accessible.
  • A place that continues to adapt to change whilst National Park purposes continue to be furthered and pursued.

Although the National Park Management Plan is reviewed regularly and its policies and proposals look ahead for about ten years, we need to have a view of where we want to be in the longer term.

The Vision is what we aspire to and how we would like things to be for our children and grandchildren in 40 or 50 years time.

Through a special edition of the residents newspaper Moors Messenger (November 1996), personal visions were invited from residents of the National Park and from authorities, organisations and groups with whom the National Park Authority consults.

The responses were wide ranging but many expressed a resistance to change and the wish to conserve and respect those aspects of the landscape and life of the area which are valued and regarded as special.

This vision was revisited and updated as part of the review of the Management Plan in 2004.