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Southern Area Parish Forum

The next meeting of the Southern Area Parish Forum is on Thursday, 14 April 2022 at Rosedale Reading Room

Access: There is a small car park near to the venue but no designated parking bays for disabled drivers. The access to the building is level, entrances are wide enough for wheelchairs. There is a disabled toilet.

Draft Notes of the meeting held on 7 October 2021 at Hutton le Hole Village Hall

1.  Public Question Time
Rosedale Parish Council would like to understand the methodology regarding the “shop local” in relationship to the tendering process and acquisitions especially given the environmental impact of the distance travelled on recent installations.

The environmental impact and carbon footprint from suppliers will be embodied in our future procurement guidelines. As a public body we have to show value for money and quality, but if a local supplier who is tendering and their tender is equivalent to others on quality and value for money then our procurement policy could allow for more weighting towards the local supplier.

Levisham Parish Meeting – Has the National Park considered a request for speed limits to reduce the environmental impact, and in view of the recent fuel shortages, and also to reduce livestock/wildlife deaths?

The Authority do not have the jurisdiction to impose such limits but will contact Highways to highlight the issue of speeding vehicles in all rural villages. It is understood from NYCC that 20mph speed limits can only be imposed with the addition of speed calming methods on main A roads (chicane/speed humps) which Thornton le Dale decided against. Any fatalities would also be an indicator for imposing speed limits! More informal signs could be considered.

Action: Highways to be contacted to highlight problems with speeding in rural villages.

2.  Future of the North York Moors – Tom Hind, Chief Executive, referenced the importance of Parish Forums to discuss issues from Parishes.  There are challenges and changes in all National Parks:

*Farming is integral to the landscape. Profound changes in agricultural support in the form of Environmental Land Management schemes but details still to emerge, likely to be less generous than previous payments. National Park is looking how to help during the transition period.
*Climate Change affects us all so collectively need to look at decarbonising housing (many in the National Park are old, stone-built properties), upgrade of energy grid, soil management, carbon sequestration action through tree planting/woodland, improve habitats, water quality and biodiversity.
*Post pandemic recovery phase economic and health and well-being. Balance of tourism that both residents and visitors benefit from. Aware of importance of informing visitors of how to behave to reduce litter, erosion and reduce impact. National Parks have supported Natural England in a refresh of the Countryside Code which has been promoted on social media and digital channels to reach a wider audience.
*The new Management Plan will have a collective vision for nature and economy with ambitions, objectives, and outcomes for the next 20 years. The Plan will be out for consultation in November, and everyone is encouraged to comment.
The Director of Planning responded to questions on the Government’s stance on planning, the Authority’s stance on second homes, and holiday lets/Air B&B and affordable homes:
*New Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities has paused the Planning White Paper which indicated the planning system was not fit for purpose and suggested significant changes though this would not have applied so much to protected areas.
*The new Local Plan was adopted in July 2020. 17% of properties in the National Park are second/holiday homes. If a change of use is requested on existing properties as long as it is still residential (ie holiday let) it is outside of the planning system. Working with the NY Rural Commission the Authority is hoping to get this changed but it will be over time and require government action.
*With new builds the Authority can impose local occupancy or Principal Residency conditions. Main difficulty for delivering more affordable housing is land availability at a reasonable price. The Authority has approved 150 of these in the North York Moors over the past decade, which it recognises as not enough.
*Property prices are driven by the market and property tends to be purchased by retired with higher incomes.

3.  Project Gigabit – this is a government initiative to connect UK with broadband, £5 billion has been allocated to fix the gap by 2030. Recognised as being a barrier to economic growth and post Covid recovery. NYNet has done some work but with the end of phase 4 this project has come to an end. National Parks are working with DCMS on the best way to achieve roll out of Broadband infrastructure in protected landscapes preferring undergrounding or using existing overhead infrastructure.

4.  Update on National Park Authority Business – Ena Dent, Parish Member, updated the Forum on:

*Welcome back to face to face meetings and thanks to the speakers
*Staff have continued working throughout the pandemic. The offices are now fully open on a blended 50/50 work from home/office basis.
*45% increase in planning applications and the Planning Team have managed despite staff shortages. This is a nationwide issue.
*Parish Planning Training event on 21 October at 17.15 to 19.30
*Management Plan draft should be out for consultation end of November
*3 year budget settlement expected shortly. The Authority also seeks funding from external sources for projects. Visitor Centres and car parks also generate some income
*Climate Change officer Harry Baross appointed – jointly with Scarborough Borough Council. Early days but looking at reduction and offsetting of carbon in cars, buildings, equipment
*Farming in Protected Landscapes – grants are available to apply for now, full details on the website Farming in Protected Landscapes ( or contact Dave Arnott or Rebecca Thompson
*Externally funded projects are ongoing on Rivers Esk and Rye and programmes of tree planting. Land of Iron project has now come to an end.

5.Suggestions for new items to discuss at future meetings

*Climate change (Harry Baross)
*Management Plan - NY Rural Commission report North Yorkshire Rural Commission | North Yorkshire County Council
*2025 – deadline for removal of all analogue landlines unless connected to broadband

6.  Any other business:

-Responsibility for maintenance of footpaths – it is understood that NYM has passed that back to NYCC - The Authority is responsible for the maintenance of public rights of way (footpaths, bridleways, restricted byways and byways open to all traffic) that appear on the definitive map within the National Park. NYCC are responsible for footways adjacent to highways and unsurfaced unclassified roads.
-  Is the Authority aware of any S36 notices where a path or way has been used by cyclists for a period of 20 years using Strava recordings as proof to change a footpath to a bridleway? - The Authority is not aware of any but does sign problem areas with prominent signage that paths are not to be used by cyclists. Any problem areas should be reported to the Authority – Lyke Wake Walk is one of them.
-Is there a role of the Authority to facilitate net zero across the National Park? – National Parks collectively are committed to Net Zero by 2030. The Authority is working to do this with their vehicles, improve property, power and offsetting. Also looking at ensuring new housing stock are carbon neutral and energy efficient and adaptations for existing housing. Land management incentives (FiPL and ELM) for soil and grass management, tree planting (right tree/right place) for biodiversity, and peatland restoration. The Authority is working on a baseline figure of how much the National Park emits but this is not an easy measurement. Important to be ambitious.

7.  Dates and times of next meetings: 14 April 2022 – Rosedale Reading Rooms;  June/July 2022 – Joint Parish Forum (date and venue tbc);  20 October 2022

Please contact Judith Seaton if you have any queries on 01439 772700 or

The following parishes make up the Southern Area Parish Forum:

Allerston and Wilton
Appleton le Moors
Brompton by Sawdon
East Ayton
Ebberston and Yedingham
Farndale East
Farndale West
Hutton Buscel
Hutton le Hole
Newton on Rawcliffe
Rosedale East Side
Rosedale West Side
Thornton le Dale
West Ayton