Monday 3 June - Local Access Forum

Local Access Forum Agenda

Meeting: Local Access Forum

Venue: Danby Lodge National Park Centre

Date: Monday, 3 June 2024


Download the full agenda (pdf)

  1. Welcome and introductions, including new Members.
  2. Emergency Evacuation Procedure – The Chair to inform Members of the Public of the Emergency Evacuation Procedure.
  3. Apologies for absence
  4. Public Minutes of the meeting held on 5 December 2023
  5. Matters Arising: 27/23 Updated May 2024 Ranger Service Family Tree 
  6. Update on funding the NPA Rights of Way responsibility
  7. Update on the Department of Transport consultation on proposed changes to e-bikes (Alison Fuller)
  8. Update on Coast-to-Coast National Trail
  9. Active Travel – Local cycling and walking strategy (Joel Brookfield)
  10. Mountain bike misuse of public footpaths in Forestry England estates in the National Park, issues of management, regulation and signage (John Birtill)
  11. NPA policy on payment for permissive access (Joel Brookfield)
  12. Regional LAF (Alison Fuller)
  13. PRoW Orders currently being worked on and list of current closures (Emma Ashton-Wicket/Naomi Green).
  14. Equality Diversity and Inclusion Forum 22 March 2024 notes
  15. Moorsbus and Paths for Everyone (Helen Gundry)
  16. Round the table updates.
  17. Items for Future Meetings
  18. Such other business as, in the opinion of the Chair, should, by reason of special circumstances, be considered as a matter of urgency


(a) The Authority allows the recording and reporting of public meetings but asks that any party wishing to do so informs the Authority in advance of the meeting.

Recording and reporting that disrupts the meeting is not allowed. Persons expressly refusing consent, children and vulnerable adults cannot be filmed or photographed.

The existing rules relating to confidential and exempt information, defamation, Data Protection and Public Order apply.

The Authority accepts no liability whatsoever for the recording and reporting carried out by other parties.

(b) Members are reminded to turn all electronic equipment to silent mode, including mobile phones, laptop computers and tablets. Please note that only information that is available to Members during the Committee meeting should be accessed from a computer in the interests of sound decision making.

(c) Tea and coffee will be available a quarter of an hour before the meeting.

(d) Judith Seaton should be notified of any apologies.

(e) Please ensure when parking in the car park that you have not caused an obstruction which could prevent emergency vehicles accessing the building.

(f) This agenda is available in large print on request.

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