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INSPIRE Compliance

The purpose of INSPIRE is to allow spatial data to be comparable across regions, the UK and Europe to give decision makers consistent evidence about the environment. The regulation came into force in 2009 and its implementation is being led by the UK INSPIRE team in Defra (for further information see our INSPIRE page).

Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI) gives people the right to request information from public authorities. It enables people access to information which is held by/on behalf of public authorities and those bodies carrying out a public function, and, which does not fall under the Data Protection Act.

The Freedom of Information Act facilitates access to information held by public authorities in two ways:

  • By requiring public authorities to adopt and maintain publication schemes.
  • By creating a right to make a request for information. Anyone, including people living abroad, non-UK citizens, journalists, political parties, lobby groups and commercial organisations, will have the right to ask public authorities for any information they hold, subject to certain exemptions.

Publication scheme

The Freedom of Information Act provides that public authorities must adopt and maintain a publication scheme, to publish information in accordance with this scheme and from time to time review the scheme. This publication scheme is a guide to the information routinely published by the North York Moors National Park Authority. It is not a definitive list of documents, as there is constant change to accommodate new and/or revised documents, however it is a description of the classes or types of information published.

The Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) also enables individuals access to information of which they are the subject.

Rights under this Act arise in respect of information if:

  1. It relates to you; and
  2. You can be identified from the information itself or from that information and other information which is, or is likely to come into the possession of the data controller; and
  3. The information is held electronically (for example, on computer), or it is intended to be held electronically, or it is in paper form held in certain specified types of manual/paper- based filing systems.

Such information is called 'personal data'.

Requests for information under either of these Acts must be made in writing and you will be responded to within 20 working days. If you would like to make a request for information under either of these Acts please either write to us or send it to:

Useful links and information to download

Publication scheme (pdf)