Contact the Press Office

The Press Office and wider Communications team are available to help with media enquiries and filming requests, alongside publication, brand, website and social media enquiries.

Please contact Nina Beadle with details of your request. If you are interested in filming in the North York Moors, you may find it helpful to visit the  'Filming in the North York Moors' area of the website, in advance of getting in touch.
01439 772700

Please note that details of our committee meetings, including dates, agendas, papers and minutes are available to view in the ‘Meeting and Agendas’ area of the website.

Social media guidelines

We welcome people from near and far to follow and engage with the National Park Authority’s social media channels. We use these channels to celebrate our very special landscapes, connect with our partner organisations and to help keep you informed about what is happening across the North York Moors.

Here are a few pointers to keep our virtual spaces positive, informative, and engaging:

  1. Be respectful. We welcome diverse viewpoints, but let's keep the conversation civil and focused on our shared love for nature and the outdoors.
  2. Share responsibly. When posting photos or content from the National Park, please respect the environment and wildlife. Avoid geo-tagging sensitive locations, getting too close to animals or encouraging irresponsible or dangerous activities.
  3. Spread Knowledge. Please do share accurate facts, tips and stories about our flora, fauna, and heritage.
  4. Respect Copyright. If you're sharing content that isn't yours, always give proper credit to the original creator.
  5. Keep it relevant. We’re working to build authentic engagement with our online community, so please don’t use our platform to share promotional material that is not relevant to the North York Moors.
  6. Report Concerns. If you notice inappropriate content or behaviour, please report it to us.
Please be aware that we will remove comments which we believe are discriminatory against any individual or group, or that are in breach of our guidelines in the following ways:
  • Abusive or obscene
  • In violation of any law or regulation
  • Deceptive or misleading
  • In violation of any intellectual property rights, including copyright
  • Spam or significantly off-topic content

Anyone repeatedly engaging with us in a manner that is in breach of our guidelines will be blocked and/or reported to the associated social media platform.

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