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Time is ticking – new questionnaire offers vital say on the future of farming and the environment

Little Fryup Dale photo by Mike Kipling Little Fryup Dale photo by Mike Kipling

Farmers and land managers have until Friday 31 Jan 2020 to complete a questionnaire ahead of proposed changes to the current system of agricultural support that the Government provides. The document offers farmers and land managers within the North York Moors National Park the rare opportunity to voice their opinions towards Defra’s new Environmental Land Management (ELM) scheme, which is due to be rolled out in 2024.

The new ELM scheme, founded on the principle of “public money for public goods”, is intended to provide a powerful vehicle for achieving the goals of the 25 Year Environment Plan and commitment to net zero carbon emissions by 2050, while supporting our rural economy. 

Land managers may enter into agreements to be paid for delivering the following public goods set out in the 25 Year Environment Plan: clean air; clean and plentiful water; thriving plants and wildlife; protection from and mitigation of environmental hazards; beauty, heritage and engagement; mitigation of and adaptation to climate change.  

As part of the process Defra will also be phasing out Direct Payments to farmers over a seven-year period, moving away from a subsidy-based approach to a more business-like partnership with the government.

The North York Moors National Park Authority has committed to work with Defra to help ensure that the new scheme delivers positive outcomes appropriate to the North York Moors National Park and those whose livelihoods depend on the sustainable management of the land.  

Rebecca Thompson, Future Farming Policy Officer for the National Park said: “We believe that farmers and land managers within the National Park are well placed to deliver the range of public goods that Defra has identified.
“In order to do this, we must first identify which public goods farmers and land managers want to, and feel able to deliver. This questionnaire is the means by which we can identify this and will be invaluable in presenting a collective view to Defra from those for whom a workable future Environmental Land Management scheme will be crucial.

“The questionnaire is being distributed through a number of different of means and so some may receive the same request more than once, which we apologise for. It doesn’t matter which request you respond to as all the responses will be collated centrally, but ideally, if you have received this request electronically, please respond electronically.”

The Authority is also keen to hear from future farming generations and so responses are not restricted to one per farm (although each individual should complete only one questionnaire each). 

You can complete the questionnaire by visiting the following link:

Alternatively forms can be sent via email to For more information please call Rebecca Thompson on 01439 772700.

For more information regarding Defra’s changes to the English Agricultural Policy please visit Defra's website.


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