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Recent changes to Public Paths

Bike rider by Mike KiplingBike rider by Mike Kipling

The rights of way network is continually evolving. During any year, a number of paths are subject to a diversion or modification. These changes are waymarked on the ground as they come into force but it is some time before the changes appear on Ordnance Survey maps.

We cannot post all the path changes here but aim to show the most recent ones. They are posted by parish with the date when the change came into effect. 

Egton/Hutton Mulgrave

Moorcock Farm and Hutton Mulgrave Wood

Confirmation Order

Order Plan

Hutton Mulgrave

West Skelder Farm

Confirmation Order

Order Plan

Rights of Way and Access News

Landslip at Port Mulgrave

No pedestrian shall proceed along footpath 33 Hinderwell, which led from the cliff top down to the beach, commencing at Grid Reference (GR) NZ 7970 1761 the highest path corner on the coastal slope, going south, east and generally north-east for 198 metres to GR NZ 7981 1765 the footpath end on the foreshore.

The ground on which the path ran has been lost due to a significant landslip.  


Dated 18 May 2018

Footpath Closure - Danbydale

Footpath Danby 96

A section of the footpath running above Botton Grove and Lumley House in Danbydale (NZ 6978 0521 going north for 305m to the Footbridge at GR NZ 6984 0550) will be closed until further notice due to a collapsing culvert running the length of the path. A well-marked and short diversion is in place. Please see the plan below for more details



Rights of way map 

To find out more about where to Walk, Ride and Cycle in the North York Moors National Park have a look at our interactive rights of way map (updated daily). You can zoom in and out at various scales by following the instructions displayed underneath the map and by using the Legend and Layer buttons you can see all Public Rights of Way.

You can also find out if there are any stiles, steps, gates or bridges on the paths and where there are sign-posts. Helpful for route-finding or for picking an easier access walk if someone in your group, or your dog finds stiles tricky. The furniture items are regularly updated, but are not guaranteed as they do change with land management needs – stiles and gates are after all, only there to keep livestock in... or out.

If you do happen to find any issues with the public rights of way, there’s a problem reporting tool here as well.