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At Home Nature Club


Orla the alien has travelled hundreds of miles from outer space on a research mission to discover the life on planet earth. Only trouble is she’s not allowed to travel around the country due to a certain virus which shall not be named!

We need our fabulous Facebook followers to undertake some missions to help her discover what’s so special about our own little slice of planet earth. We’re calling it our ‘At Home Nature Club’.

Orla’s missions are posted on our Moors National Park Centre and Sutton Bank National Park Centre Facebook pages on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week at 10.00am. Join us online and post your discoveries.

Mission#12 - Make a bird's nest  Mission#13 - Biodiveristy day

Mission#9 - Go worm charming  Mission#10 - Minibeast Hunting   Mission#11 - Make your own artwork

Mission#8 - Here's your spotter sheet. Whilst out on your daily exercise have a look for how many of these things you can spot.

Mission#7 - Listen to the dawn chorus

Mission#4 - Search for Bees    Mission#5 - Search for blossom  Mission#6 - Make a hedgehog

Mission#1 - Make a rainbow    Mission#2 - Search for spiders   Mission#3 - Search for things which are your favourite colour