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LAF December 2017

Local Access Forum Agenda

Venue:  Falling Foss Tea Garden, Midge Hall, Whitby, YO22 5JD

Date:   Tuesday 5 June 2017 at 10am


1.  Welcome/Introductions – Debbie Trafford

2.  Election of Chair

3.  Election of Deputy Chair

4.  Apologies

5.  Emergency Evacuation Procedure (Chair to inform Members of the Public of this procedure).

6.  Public Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 13 June 2017

7.  Matters Arising

* Mowing of grass verges – written statement from Richard Gunton, Director of Park Services
* Polyhalite sub group/S106 and the road crossing at Moorcock Farm – Helen Gundry, Briony Fox
* Guidelines for the organisation of recreational events – George Winn-Darley
* Best Practice Biosecurity – written statement from David Shaw, Director of Conservation

8.  UURs and TROs – Neil Leighton, NYCC

9. LOST WAYS (2026 deadline) / Future of White Roads sub group.

10. Update from Disability Action Group – David Brewster

11. Future funding for farmers – including payments for public access – Catriona Cook

12. Regional Access Forums – Natural England withdrawing support – Catriona Cook

13. Traffic Regulation Orders – Debbie Trafford

14. Ryedale Cycle Forum/Moorsbus Update – Helen Gundry

15. Update on climbing community initiatives – Mike Conlon

16. Items for Future Meetings  

17. Any Other Business/Date of next meeting 

* Date of next meeting – Tuesday 12 June 2018