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Northern Lights at Saltwick Bay Credit Andy Dawson PhotographyNorthern Lights at Saltwick Bay Credit Andy Dawson Photography

The North York Moors National Park is one of the best places in the country to see stars because of the big open skies with low light pollution levels and clear horizons. Unlike brightly lit, built up towns and cities, in the darkest areas of the National Park you can spy up to 2,000 stars at any one time.

Artificial light at night is needed for many reasons, so the key to protecting our Dark Skies isn’t to simply remove all lights but to light only what you need, when you need it and at an appropriate level. Incorrectly used modern bright LED lighting can have a significant impact on not just stargazing but also nocturnal wildlife habitats and even human health.

Milky way above Helmlsey Credit Chris Lazenby

In the same way we work to protect our beautiful daytime landscapes and natural environment, we are serious about conserving our amazing Dark Skies for the benefit of both residents and visitors to the National Park. In recognition of this, we are applying for International Dark Sky Reserve status.

To be designated as a Dark Sky Reserve is an internationally renowned accolade, acknowledging the commitment to conservation and promotion of the exceptional quality of our starry skies and nocturnal environment, for educational, cultural and public enjoyment purposes.

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To aid the success of our bid, we need your help. Please add your details to show your support and feel free to leave a comment to tell us why protecting our Dark Skies is important to you.

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