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RP01 Rediscovering the Rye

Archaeological/historical remainsArchaeological/historical remains

Our Rediscovering the Rye project investigates the archaeology of the Ryevitalise catchment with the help of volunteers, local history groups and academics.

The project's first phase will provide members of the public with an exciting opportunity to sign up as a Historical Archives Research Volunteer to undertake archaeological landscape surveys using LiDAR (‘light ranging and detecting’ or ‘light radar’) technology. All volunteers need to take part is an interest in local archaeology, together with access to a computer - if this is something you are interested in doing, take a look at our current volunteering opportunities page for details on how to sign up.

We hope to find key sites for further investigation and to validate and update existing Historic Environmental Records of the catchment. This exciting phase of the project will help us better understand the relationship communities have had with the river and the surrounding landscapes.

Project Aim: To re-engage communities with the archaeological and built heritage of the Rye catchment through recording the remaining evidence of man’s relationship with the river over the centuries.

Project Outcomes:

  • A wide variety and high level of participants engaged and attending workshops and events
  • Participants fully engaged in the compilation of the impact report
  • Comprehensive surveying and recording of the historic environment within the Ryevitalise area.