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Sustainability Appraisal Baseline

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Sustainability Appraisal is a process by which the environmental, social and economic effects of a plan can be assessed and can be addressed as part of the production of the plan. Establishing a sustainability baseline enables sustainability issues to be identified and addressed through the Sustainability Appraisal process. This baseline information would normally form part of the Scoping Report which sets out the methodology and framework for undertaking Sustainability Appraisal. 

The baseline for the North York Moors National Park has been produced to support the Sustainability Appraisal for the Minerals and Waste Joint Plan, which the National Park Authority is producing in conjunction with North Yorkshire County Council and the City of York Council. The Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report for the Joint Plan contains a baseline relevant to the Joint Plan area but has been informed by information relating specifically to the National Park. The production of a baseline specifically for the National Park enables issues and characteristics particularly relevant to the National Park to be drawn out.

The baseline for the National Park will be updated throughout the production of the Minerals and Waste Joint Plan, and will also form basis of the baseline for the Sustainability Appraisal of other plans produced by the National Park Authority.

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