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Shooting butt on Egton High Moor by Mike KiplingShooting butt on Egton High Moor by Mike Kipling

Commercial shooting in the National Park is available on privately owned land and consists of seasonal grouse and pheasant shooting, with small volumes of partridge and duck shooting also available. Shooting of any kind may not take place without permission of the landowner.

Grouse shooting is the driving force behind the management of the vast expanse of heather moorland in the National Park. This management helps to maintain the internationally important conservation status of the site.

In England it is illegal to shoot all other species of bird except those officially licensed or classed as vermin, and then only with the agreement of the landowner.

Shooting season dates are as follows:


12 August - 10 December


1 September - 1 February


1 October - 1 February


1 September - 31 January (20 February on the coast)