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Michael Atkin (Geocache Arts Trail)

Whitby Abbey by Michael AtkinWhitby Abbey by Michael Atkin

Geocache Arts Trail - Linocut Print Artists

Michael Atkin (Whitby Abbey)

Michael is a printmaker who creates limited edition etchings, lino prints and books and wood engravings from his Scarborough studio. His images are figurative, narrative and located in the Yorkshire countryside, where people are often dwarfed by the landscape. Images evolve from brief outline sketches made in sketchbooks; back in the workshop, the image is refined/altered to fit the narrative, adding or subtracting elements.

He established Bracken Press a ‘private press’ in 1974 to publish his limited-edition etchings, block prints and books. Michael was educated at Middlesbrough and Maidstone Colleges of Art, with further studies at Liverpool Polytechnic, attaining an Art Teachers Diploma and in Paris, gaining valuable intaglio printing experience.