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Five-spot burnet mothFive-spot burnet moth

Whatever the month... enjoy fantastic seasonal walks and tips for wildlife watching across the North York Moors and Howardian Hills.

We can't guarantee that you'll see these birds, plants and animals on any wildlife watching trip - but the unpredictability is part of the excitement! Some species of birds and wildflowers are very rare, and most mammals are notoriously difficult to see, some being partly nocturnal. Our expert advice, patience and a little bit of luck should all help.



It's all about the heather, as our moors turn into a blaze of magnificent pink and purple

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Minke Whale by Richard Baines Yorkshire Coast Nature


It's a month of change as summer draws to an end; head to the coast for a spot of whale watching

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Autumn colours


As Autumn arrives, trees explode into their auburn colours, nature’s last roar of the year

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