My experience as a young volunteer

By Matthew Parker, Young Ranger and a member of Youth Voice

I have been a Young Ranger at the North York Moors National Park for many years now, and I can honestly say that I have loved and continued to love every experience that it offers me. Surrounded by the beauty of nature I have been involved in many different activities, from bracken bashing and clearing paths, to planting trees and building drystone walls.

Being a Young Ranger has also taken me on exciting residentials and led me to become part of Youth Voice: a group that gives young people the opportunity to have their say on how the national park is run. This is an amazing part of being a Young Ranger, as a youth wanting a better future, it is imperative that we are heard. Being part of Youth Voice has also taken me to the Peak District where the youth councils from different national parks met. This was both an enjoyable and invigorating experience. Consequently my time as a Young Ranger volunteering in the National Park has allowed me to gain invaluable skills and experience, whilst being part of something that is not only enjoyable, but vital to the protection, maintenance and future of our world.

Due to my time and dedication as a volunteer I have applied for and achieved the V100 award ( which shows I have volunteered over 100 hours. I am extremely proud of this success. The award really highlights the commitment I have made and is a wonderful way to prove my passion for the environment and a future career in Zoology, Ecology & Conservation.

I thank the National Park for both the V100 award and the opportunity to acquire the experience and skills that I will need in the future and for allowing me to have fun, meet new people and gain knowledge in a stimulating environment.

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