Green action days

What is a green action day?

A green action day sees a group of 6-12 young people take part in a practical conservation task in the North York Moors National Park. Example activities include;

  • Tree planting
  • Scrub clearance
  • Habitat improvements
  • Repairs to rights of way
  • Litter picking

Green action days can be intermixed with 'Wild skills sessions', and are based on a cohort of young people coming out for a sustained programme of activity.

What are the benefits of a green action day?

The North York Moors National Park Authority is a firm believer that exposure to the outdoors and being actively involved in its conservation can be a catalyst for positive change for young people.

We offer activities using youth work and outdoor education principals. The provision can complement curriculum awards and target outcomes whilst providing high quality opportunities for youth social action. You can find us listed as an Alternative Education Provider with North Yorkshire County Council, City of York Council and Stockton Council.

Our practical conservation tasks encourage personal and social responsibility, risk management, critical thinking, planning and team cohesion whilst building stronger relationships, social skills and an understanding of responsible activity. The ability to develop team-work and communication skills enables our young people to work better in environments which require working alongside others.

What do green action days cost?

As green action days see groups contribute to the care and conservation of the North York Moors National Park, there is no cost for these activities. However, a minimum commitment of at least two hours is required on site and you are required to make your own travel arrangements to site.

We will make every effort to arrange tasks in an area close to your school, but travel time may be up to 45 minutes.

How to book

For further information or to discuss a booking, please call 01439 772751 or email

Young people help with a task in the North York Moors National Park

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