Secondary school visits: Key Stage 3


ActivityLocationDurationMain curriculum linksDescription
River landforms and processesThree sites along the Clither Beck (just north of Danby Lodge National Park Centre)Full day, approx 4.5 hoursGeography Follow the Clither Beck downstream, from near its source up on the moor, as it widen and deepens on its route towards Danby Lodge National Park Centre. Passing V-shaped valleys and meanders, where there are opportunities to discuss these landforms and draw field sketches, students will collect data on river variables at three sites. The day is set up with a clear investigation structure, including an aim, hypotheses, data collection and collation; and then resources to support teachers to present and analyse data back at school.
Coastal fieldworkRobin Hood’s Bay (usual meeting point is agreed carpark in top of village Station Car Park)Up to 7 hours depending on tide times, your requirements and weather (an 'extended day')GeographyA day spent at Robin Hood's Bay, with half a day evaluating the coastal defences and half focusing on coastal processes, including collecting pebble data and comparing a sample of stones from the north and south of the bay (linking to  the concept of Long Shore Drift, coastal processes and coastal defence issues.

Current costs per pupil

A morning (10am-12pm) or afternoon (1pm-3pm) session: £7.00   (Min. per group £105.00)
A 'short day' with an hour for lunch (typically 10am to 2.30pm): £9.00 (Min. per group £135.00)
An 'extended' day (anything longer than a 'short day', up to 9am to 4.30pm): £13.50 (Min. per group £202.50)

No deposit is required upon booking.

What's included:

  • Free places for all teachers and adult helpers
  • All equipment and resources
  • All activities are fully risk assessed and Risk Assessments are available on request.
  • Trained and experienced education leaders (including first aid and H&S training)
  • Pre and post-course support activities to ensure sessions can be linked to work back at school
  • Costs are not subject to VAT

No additional booking fee or deposit required.

How to book

  1. Read the activity descriptions above and call us if you would like to discuss any of the activities in more detail. Unless you request otherwise, we will provide activities as described.
  2. Read the pre-visit information for group leaders.
  3. Check the costs and read the 'Booking Terms and Conditions' below.
  4. Make a list of any preferred dates for your visit.
  5. To make a provisional booking, ring the National Park Outdoor Learning team on 01439 772751 or email
  6. We will then send you a booking form to complete and return to us.
  7. Your booking will be confirmed in writing within 10 working days of us receiving your booking form.
  8. An invoice for the total cost will be sent to you immediately after your visit. Please do not bring cheques or cash on the day.

Booking terms and conditions

  • Your booking will be confirmed by letter or email within 10 days after the Outdoor Learning Team has received your Booking Form.
  • No payment is required before your visit or on the day. An invoice will be sent to you immediately after your visit. Full payment is required within 30 days. Cheques payable to: North York Moors National Park Authority.
  • Group leaders must inform the Outdoor Learning Team of any changes to party size after the booking is confirmed. If a group arrives with extra pupils, not having informed the Outdoor Learning Team in advance, the extra pupils may not be permitted to participate in booked activities if, in the opinion of the Head of Outdoor Learning, there are insufficient National Park Leaders available to carry out the activity safely and successfully.
  • Booked activities may be altered or cancelled on the day if, in the opinion of the Head of Outdoor Learning, there are potential risks to health and safety due to bad weather, late arrival of groups, inadequately equipped pupils or poorly behaved pupils. In such an event, National Park Leaders will consult with the visiting leader and provide an adapted or alternative activity wherever possible.
  • In the event of a group cancelling their visit within 20 to 11 working days of that visit, the group will be required to pay half the cost of the activities.
  • In the event of a group cancelling their visit within 10 working days of that visit, the group will be required to pay the full cost of the activities.
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