Voluntary Rangers

We are currently not recruiting any new Voluntary Rangers, but please do keep an eye on our current volunteering opportunities.

About Voluntary Rangers

Voluntary Rangers play a valuable part in supporting the work of our Area Rangers in caring for the National Park and its purposes, and are a integral part of the wider Ranger Team.

Voluntary Rangers help our National Park by:

  • Assisting National Park Rangers in their duties, including basic patrols, litter collections and fire watch.
  • Engaging with visitors to the National Park, providing advice and local knowledge
  • Staffing mobile display units (MDUs) and assisting with guided walks
  • Carrying out practical access and conservation projects
  • Participating in events and promotional activities to help increase awareness and  understanding of the Park
  • Encouraging people to think positively and act responsibly toward the North York Moors
    and most importantly, helping people to enjoy the Park and appreciate its many special qualities

Voluntary Ranger duties are undertaken mainly at weekends and Bank Holidays and the role generally requires a minimum of 12 days between 1 March and 31 October each year. During this period, mid-week duties will be available, however these do not usually count as part of the minimum 12 days. A rota will continue to run during the winter months.

Voluntary Rangers may claim a mileage allowance to and from point of duty for specified duties. Candidates should be physically fit and whilst no formal qualifications are necessary, Voluntary Rangers must be able to communicate in a friendly and tactful manner and be willing to approach members of the public in order to assist or advise them. A keen interest in the countryside is essential and a good knowledge of the North York Moors is desirable.

Access to a computer is essential as our administration and duty rota organisation is done via a web-based system.

Could you volunteer with the North York Moors Ranger service?

Are you available for patrols on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays?
Are you self-reliant and motivated to undertake patrols on your own in all weathers?
Do you enjoy engaging with the public?
Do you have a passion for the North York Moors National Park?
Do you want to develop new skills and learn more about the National Park?

If you think that becoming a Voluntary Ranger may be for you, please contact Julia Jewitt, Ranger Service Technical Assistant on 01439 772700 or j.jewitt@northyorkmoors.org.uk

Voluntary Ranger, Paul Ming, says:

"'Becoming a Voluntary Ranger (VR) gives me the opportunity to give something back after a lifetime of visiting and walking in the North York Moors. It is always a pleasure for me to be out in the park, to help with the upkeep of it and to share my enthusiasm of the moors with members of the public. I find it all very rewarding.

"My most unusual experience must be Operation Prang, an emergency scenario with the North York Moors Railway. Many VRs were involved and I had the role of 'casualty with a broken leg' to be rescued by the emergency services. I received training about the Sea King Helicopter beforehand as I was to be airlifted from the scene. Unfortunately the helicopter had to leave for operational reasons and I miraculously recovered. There are so many different opportunities as a Voluntary Ranger - if you have a love for the outdoors there will be something for you."

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Voluntary Rangers play a valuable part in supporting the work of our four Senior Rangers in caring for the National Park and its purposes, and are a integral part of the wider Ranger Team.

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