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GCSE and A Level

These activities are led by experienced leaders from the National Park Outdoor Learning Team and are based at Danby Lodge National Park Centre (formerly The Moors National Park Centre) and other locations within the National Park. Activities last between 4 hours to an extended full day. We're happy to adapt activities whenever possible to link to your curriculum or syllabus requirements or to cater for any special needs of your students.

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Fieldwork and Geographical Skills

Carbon and Water Cycles this activity is designed for the A level Geography topic, carbon and water cycles. It takes place on Danby Moor near to The Moors National Park Centre. After a brief introduction the day will be spent in the field using a variety of techniques to collect primary data, which can be analysed in the classroom.

River Investigations - Fieldwork options include freshwater biology, flood management and downstream river changes.

Moorlands as Indicators of Climate Change (pdf) - Fieldwork measuring this Carbon Sink, and how it may be changing.

Coastal Fieldwork (pdf) - Explore Robin Hoods Bay's geology, coastal landforms and coastal management issues.

Impacts of Footpath Erosion on a Moorland Environment (pdf) - Fieldwork exploring this complex issue.

Impacts of Heather Burning on a Moorland Environment (pdf) - Assessing the impact of this land management strategy.