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The North York Moors has thousands of archaeological sites and monuments which date from the first human occupation of this region to 19th and 20th century industrial and military remains. Many of these sites are hard to recognize and are vulnerable to damage from a wide range of operations. Over 800 sites, assessed as being of national importance, are legally protected as Scheduled Monuments.

Monuments for the Future is a project focusing on improving the condition of Scheduled Monuments within the North York Moors. The project provides assistance with conservation work such as vegetation management and erosion repair on monuments which are considered to be At Risk or Vulnerable to becoming so. We provide advice on monument management, organize remedial work and in some cases offer grant assistance towards this work.

Information and advice on archaeological remains, both Scheduled Monuments and undesignated sites, is available from the National Park Authority. Small grants may be available for archaeological and historical research projects, and towards conservation of undesignated archaeological monuments.


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