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Successful applications

The following projects have been approved by the National Park’s Farming in Protected Landscapes Local Assessment Panel. We are publishing this information to enable the public to see how our budget allocation from the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is being spent.

Name of applicantLocation Project start date Project end date Project outline Grant awarded
Peter Mawson Farndale 23/09/21 15/12/21 Installing a portable water supply trough and pipe, installing rabbit fencing to protect drilled herbal lay from rabbits. The overarching objective for the farm is to produce 100% grass fed, regeneratively farmed, beef to sell direct to the general public. A conservation grazing approach will be used to enhance grassland habitats and store water and carbon. £950
Christine Thompson Helmsley 01/11/21 01/03/22 The project will provide business skills workshops and financial recording training to enable each participant to assess the current financial status of their farming business and individual enterprise margins in preparation for future planning. £1,970
Mark Hutchinson West Ayton 22/09/21 01/03/22 Purchase of a 4 metre direct drill that allows for companion cropping to enable the farmer to adopt regenerative agricultural measures across the whole farm to increase soil health, reduce inputs and lower carbon footprint through increased carbon sequestration. £28,800
John Beech Lythe 22/09/21 18/11/21 To harvest the natural rainwater from the roof space at 3 locations across the ‘in hand’ farm. Installing 4 x 30,000 litre tanks across these locations accumulating 120,000 litres of water which will lead to a reduction in localised flooding. £11,523
David Sherpherdson Ruston 01/09/21 22/11/21 To fence off the an area of SSSI woodland to prevent livestock from accessing the beck and adjoining woodland on steep bankside. To protect trees and stop soil erosion and sediment ending up in water course. £4,995
Matthew Wilkinson North York Moors National Park 18/10/21 31/03/22 Condition assessment survey to ensure that the National Trust's farm building stock within the National Park is conserved in good condition in a way that enhances the landscape and improves understanding, interpretation and enjoyment. £25,564
Ben Jackson Across the North York Moors National Park 13/10/21 31/01/22 This project will enable the National Park Authority to support farmers and land managers in delivering improvements to access furniture and infrastructure on their land.  This project will support the installation of gates and stiles on behalf of farmers and land managers over a 6 month period to improve the accessibility of the public rights of way network. £31,506.75
John Wallis Myton on Swale 22/11/21 31/03/22 To provide fencing and associated infrastructure to allow cattle to restoratively graze an area of SSSI in accordance with an agreement with Natural England. £10,582.62
John Raw Lealholm 04/10/21 31/03/22 To replace existing wire fencing with 150 metres of hedge planting and protective fencing. The hedge will help to sequester carbon and provide additional habitat for wildlife. £3,210
Jane Le Cocq Roxby 24/11/21 31/03/22 Purchase of a lime spreader to improve soil health. Bringing soils to the optimum ph. This will reduce the amount of inorganic fertilizers including nitrogen used on the farm. The spreader will also enable diversification of the farm business by contracting out to other farms. £8,280
Daphne Jackson Fryup 22/11/21 31/03/22 Restoration of traditional stone wall boundaries and contribution towards equipment that will help control pollution in and beyond the farm yard. £5,010
Naomi Green Goathland 12/11/21 07/01/22 Track improvements to dismantled railway line. To provide a more durable surface at the weakest points to prevent damage and access issues, and to provide a pleasant walking and riding experience for local people and visitors. £20,720
Ian Martin Commondale 17/11/21 31/03/22 Concrete the main farm yard to reduce the pollution entering a nearby beck. £15,605.50
Peter Smith Hawnby 07/02/22 31/03/22 Restoration of a drystone wall that is a prominent feature in the farmed landscape of Hawnby. £2,500
Aidan Foord Lealholm 25/11/21 31/03/22 Climate remediation and diversification works. The covering of a livestock feeding area; the installation of a farm vending machine and a rainwater collection tank. Hedging and associated fencing. £30,842.20
Ian Cox Goathland 01/12/21 31/03/22 Create new wildlife habitats and enhance visitor experiences on the farm. Natural regeneration alongside the beck through fenced exclusion of cattle. Gapping up to mitigate Ash die-back. The creation of small orchard for pollinator species. The provision of a picnic area. £8,669.28
Andy Thompson Goathland 18/11/21 31/03/22 Public footpath restoration and wood pasture planting. To improve the footpaths that run through the farm to ensure safe and enjoyable walking, cycling and horse-riding for all.To create a wood pasture habitat, linking existing areas of scrub. £29,158.70
Andrew Hollings Goathland 24/11/21 31/03/22 150 metres of riverbank stabilisation work. Training of volunteers in the restoration of traditional boundaries. £7,875.76
Rob Wren Ugthorpe 12/01/22 31/03/22 Upgrade farm infrastructure to improve resilience against extreme rainwater events and the impact of runoff. Slurry reduction through the covering of a yard and muck store. £67,518
Kevin Roche Fylingdales 18/10/21 - Dry-stone wall restoration to conserve historic features, enhance the quality and character of the landscape. £4,000
Glenn Mortimer Glaisdale 01/04/22 31/03/23 To put in a hard-core track to improve the surface of the public footpath and to prevent poaching of the grassland caused by machinery accessing the farm yard manure heap, which has been re-sited from the yard, where it presented a pollution run-off risk. £3,931.20
Christopher Padmore Glaisdale 04/01/22 31/03/22 To rejuvenate an existing hedge and add more diverse hedge species, enhancing connectivity to benefit biodiversity. Gapping up will also sequester carbon and enhance soil health. Repairing a historic dry stone wall. £2,614
Edward Wilkinson Castleton 27/01/22 31/03/22 Creation of a wildlife corridor of native broadleaf trees and shrubs between two existing habitats and to offer meaningful work opportunities to adults with learning disablilities living in the National Park. £7,295.85
Peter Harland Newton Mulgrave 07/02/22 31/03/22 Improving dairy farm resilience, through utilisation of slurry. Purchase of four slurry bags, a rainwater harvester and a wash-down kit. Storing slurries and utilising them at correct times reduces pollution to water course and increases nutrient use efficiency. Less artificial fertiliser will be introduced onto the land. £24,591.80
Aaron Davis Upsall 27/01/22 31/03/22 Repair stone wall adjacent to ancient and semi natural woodland. Enhance quality and character of landscape while conserving existing features. £5,000
Anna Crowther Kildale 10/02/22 31/03/22 Purchase of a flail mower, to combine cutting of heather with traditional burning methods to improve the habitat condition. To reduce the risk of wild fire through cutting fire breaks in the heather and bracken. To reduce the encroachment of bracken and scrub onto the heathland £2,400
David Cuthbertson Cloughton 27/01/22 31/03/22 New hedgerow to increase connectivity between habitats on the holding. To increase biodiversity. To create habitats fo pollinators. To increase the amount of carbon being sequestered on the holding £2,267.40
Anthony White Ravenscar 27/01/22 31/03/22 Fencing along the Cleveland Way, improving access for the public. Protecting landscape between the moor and the sea. Protection of new wild flower meadow. £3,775.90
Anne Strang Scawton 27/01/22 31/03/23 Enhance the natural environment on the farm to improve biodiversity and contribute to carbon reduction targets. Creating a wildlife corridor between two existing areas of trees by planting a new hedgerow. Building a new wildlife pond. £20,632
Paul Hogarth Goldsborough 27/01/22 31/03/23 Three projects. The first to improve drainage and water quality. The second, to enhance the natural environment through tree planting, hedge planting and pond creation. The third to improve the historic environment through dry-stone wall restoration and further restoration of an historic cart wash and cow trough. £22,001.27