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Public Rights of Way

Footpath gate on path in Farndale by Chris CeaserFootpath gate on path in Farndale by Chris Ceaser

The North York Moors National Park has 2,345 km of Public Rights of Way (footpaths, bridleways, restricted byways and byways open to all traffic), providing access to the countryside for enjoyment and recreation. All Rights of Way work undertaken by the National Park Authority is dealt with on a priority basis, subject to the availability of resources

The National Park Authority and landowners are jointly responsible for the maintenance of these routes.

  • Gates, stiles and signs can be provided and bridge construction, drainage and surfacing may also be carried out by the National Park Authority.
  • North Yorkshire County Council is responsible for any modifications to the Definitive Map and Diversion Orders (PPOs).

Useful information to download

Rights of Way and landowners' responsibilities

Specification for furniture on Rights of Way

Authorisation of new gates and stiles

Temporary path closure orders

Open Access land

Many areas of moorland or other open areas are designated as 'open access land' for the public to use for recreation on foot. This is sometimes referred to as 'the right to roam'. We can offer advice to people who wish to use these open access rights and for landowners whose land is affected (for example on applying for temporary closures).


For physical improvements to Public Rights of Way:

Naomi Green/Andy Holtby (Rangers - North area)
Simon Bassindale/Gez Marshall (Rangers - West area)
David Smith/Matt Fitzgerald (Rangers - South area)
Bernie McLinden/Martyn Williams (Rangers - Coast area)

For general enquiries about Public Rights of Way:

Emma Ashton-Wickett - Rights of Way Officer

Ben Jackson - Head of Recreation and Ranger Services

T: 01439 772700

Ranger Area Map

Click on map to view larger version (pdf)