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Esk Catchment Action Plan

River EskRiver Esk

Esk Catchment Action Plan

The North York Moors National Park Authority was awarded £5,000 from DEFRA to facilitate the development of an ‘Esk Catchment Action Plan’.

The project involved:

  • Identifying the stakeholders in the Esk catchment
  • Involving all interested groups with meetings, workshops and the formation of a local steering group
  • Developing a shared understanding of problems and solutions
  • Co-ordinating the activity of stakeholders
  • Developing an action plan for the River Esk

A wide range of organisations attended the launch meeting, to put forward their ideas for river improvement work. These included representatives from:

Catchment Sensitive Farm Esk Fisheries Association
Environment Agency River Esk Action Committee
Yorkshire Water Esk Energy
NFU Estate Representatives
NYCC Highways Upper Esk Wildlife Group
Glaisdale Angling Club Guisborough Angling Club
Goathland Angling Club Durham University

A smaller number of organisations then helped develop the final plan, including Guisborough Angling Club, Natural England, Grosmont Estate, Yorkshire Esk Trust, Egton Estate, Dawnay Estate, Glaisdale Angling Club and the Esk Fisheries Association.

The Esk Catchment Action Plan was completed in December 2012 and was submitted to the Environment Agency (you can download a copy below). It sets out a vision for future restoration work on the River Esk, which in turn will help influence the river basin management plans that are being developed by the Environment Agency for the period 2015 to 2021.

We should like to thank all the individuals and groups who helped develop the action plan for the River Esk. Their help and assistance is greatly appreciated.

Information to Download

Esk Catchment Action Plan Introductory Document (pdf)

Glaisdale Beck Catchment (pdf)

Great Fryup Beck Catchment (pdf)

River Esk from Source to Baysdale Beck (pdf)

Danby Beck Catchment (pdf)

Baysdale Beck from Source to River Esk (pdf)

River Esk from Baysdale Beck to Sleddale Beck (pdf)

River Esk from Sleddale Beck to Ruswarp (pdf)

Stonegate Beck Catchment (pdf)

Sleddale Beck from Source to River Esk (pdf)

Murk Esk from Source to Wheeldale Gill (pdf)

Wheeldale Gill from Source to Murk Esk (pdf)

Murk Esk from Wheeldale Gill to Eller Beck (pdf)

Eller Beck from Source to Murk Esk (pdf)

Murk Esk from Eller Beck to River Esk (pdf)