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S106 Woodland Creation Grant Scheme

Trees at Cam House, Bilsdale Trees at Cam House, Bilsdale

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the length of the agreement?

25 years.

After 25 years we expect that the trees are of a size that means that they are protected by felling licence legislation. In order to secure the future of the new woodland, agreements are ‘land charged’ which means that they are attached to the land and will transfer to any new landowner.

2. Is there a minimum area for projects to be eligible for the Grant?


1 hectare (2.5 acres) is the minimum area for any project. This can be comprised of more than one compartment within a holding as long as the overall project area is over 1 hectare.

3. How many trees per hectare?

Woodland planting: To create typical density broadleaved woodland the standard planting density is 1,600 trees per hectare. This may seem like a lot but the aim is to plant more trees than we aim to have in the resulting mature woodland. This increased density means that the trees compete with each other for light and it ‘forces’ the woodland to establish faster than it might do otherwise. When the woodland ‘closes canopy’ (the branches of the trees reach one another) it then helps to manage any rank vegetation that might have developed on the site by shading it out. Where appropriate up to 20% open space can be included in planting schemes.

Low density woodland and wood pasture: Where it is suitable from a landscape and biodiversity point of view the Scheme can be used to create low density woodland and wood pasture. This can be as little as 20 oak trees per hectare. Please ask for more information.

4.Can I sell the Carbon Units for the woodland?


The carbon for all projects in the Scheme is accounted for already as the origin of the funding is primarily for carbon capture. Unlike other schemes there is no requirement to register with the Woodland Carbon Code.

5.What can be funded by the Grant?

Capital works including the full cost of trees, shelters, weldmesh cages (if planting wood pasture), fencing and associated labour.

The Scheme also fully funds a follow up maintenance schedule for up to 5 years. This can include weed control, bracken control, failed tree replacement and reinstating tubes that have fallen over. We also include a contribution payment in the 10th year for the removal and recycling of any plastic shelters used.

Options for establishment using natural tree regeneration are also available.

6.How does the financial side of the Grant Scheme work?

The Scheme operates as a grant and the Authority has a signed agreement with the landowner. The landowner gets quotes for the work (as required by the National Park Authority’s financial regulations) and once the selected contractor has completed the work satisfactorily it is the landowner’s responsibility to pay the contractor. Then the Authority will pay the full amount of the receipted invoices to the landowner.

The Authority can provide a list of local contractors and provide a job specification which can aid in accurate and itemised quotations for the work. If cash flow for the project is an issue we can offer solutions in discussion with the landowner.

We initially need to know a few details from you so please complete this form and post to the North York Moors National Park Authority, The Old Vicarage, Bondgate, Helmsley, York, YO62 5BP or email the Woodland Creation Team.

S106 Woodland Creation Grant Scheme FAQ Form