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Reeking Gill culvertReeking Gill culvert

Here you can see a small selection of our innovative technological approaches to recording our wonderful heritage and landscape features, with the help of our dedicated Land of Iron helpers and volunteers.

Land of Iron Introductory Films

Why not meet the team and project area digitally? We have produced a number of short introductory videos on Youtube where you can watch what we have been up to. The iconic sites of Rosedale Bank Top, Warren Moor Mine, and the hidden site of Combs Wood all feature, as do our hardworking volunteers and the beauty of our natural environment and its wildlife.

Digitising the Heritage

The Land of Iron is using photogrammetry to create 3D digital models of the ironstone heritage within the North York Moors. Photogrammetry uses multiple photographs of a single object from every available angle and builds a digital 3D model using computer software that ‘stitches’ the images together. From this it is possible to record important archaeological and heritage landscapes, features or artifacts that are at risk of erosion, damage, or loss. We are also training our volunteers using this technique. Our Sketchfab page we havea range of models, why not take a look?

Take a look at our model of a industrial revolution-era carving on the Ingleby Incline:

Historic Environment Record: An Archaeological Delight

All of the archaeological excavations and records created as a part of the Land of Iron project are physically and digitally archived for future access and research. The North York Moors Historic Environment Record (HER) is the main archaeological index for the National Park area and it is maintained by the National Park Authority. The database contains summary information on the archaeological knowledge that we hold; it includes non-designated features and sites, Scheduled Monuments, Listed Buildings and Registered Parks and Gardens of Historic Interest.

This publicly accessible map presents the data graphically against a digital Ordnance Survey map background, which enables an assessment of the archaeological resource or potential of an area. Happy searching!

A Century in Stone: An Extract

The 19th-century ironstone mining boom had a huge effect on the North York Moors – a story being told by our Landscape Partnership scheme known as ‘Land of Iron’. This extract from a ground-breaking documentary highlights the relationship between the North York Moors and the Cleveland ironstone mines, which made the northeast the iron-mining and iron-making capital of the world and laid the foundations of industrial Teesside.

Film courtesy of Craig Hornby, Pancrack Pictures.  'A Century in Stone'.