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Nelson Gate

Nelson Gates at Sunset by Phil WestNelson Gates at Sunset by Phil West

This prominent landmark on the A170 near Sproxton was built in 1806 to commemorate Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar. It is thought to be one of the earliest monuments to be dedicated to Nelson, built only a year after his death in 1805.

Providing Duncombe Park with an imposing entrance from the south, the Gate is in the form of a triumphal arch with Tuscan three-quarter columns supporting a full entablature, constructed from ashlar stone (having almost indiscernible joints between the blocks of stone).  The arch is built of local calcareous sandstone with wrought iron gates and side screens. 

In recent years, the stonework has become extensively decayed and expert opinion has concluded that conservation work on the original stonework would not save it.

Funding from the War memorials Trust, the Country Houses Foundation, Yorkshire Gardens Trust and the North York Moors National Park Authority is enabling stonework to be selectively replaced, ensuring that this monument to a national naval hero will continue to make a significant contribution to the scenic quality of the landscape on the southern approach to Helmsley.