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RP02 Rye Reflections - inspired by the river

Wildflower meadowWildflower meadow

Crystal Clear waters brim full of fish, deafening bird song and awe inspiring landscapes.

‘Rye Reflections’ is working with the local community to capture people’s memories of wildlife encounters and changes in land use, to record experiences such as catching bullheads in streams, kaleidoscopes of butterflies or the omnipresent sound of turtle doves before these precious memories are lost.  We want to document changes that have happened within the living memory of our community, that shape how we connect with our local landscape today, and how our children will connect with this landscape in the future.

The project team will then share these memories with local school students, encouraging them to compare these experiences with their own, highlighting any changes and inspiring them to protect the Ryevitalise river landscape and its habitats in the future.

If you have a wildlife memory, old photographs or journals that could help us tell that story and inspire the next generation of landscape guardians please get in touch with the Ryevitalise team.

Please see our list of current opportunities if you would like to volunteer for this project!

Project aim:
This project will explore how people’s perceptions of landscape and wildlife abundance change over time depending on their experiences growing up, living and working in the area.  We will capture people’s memories and tell their stories, and inspire the next generation through art, empowering them to take action to conserve and enhance this enigmatic landscape for the future.

Project outcomes:
* The local community feel a greater connection to the landscape and nature.
* Society has a better understanding of human impacts on the environment, and are empowered to take action.
* The landscape is more sympathetic to wildlife, enhancing biodiversity.
* Visitors to the scheme area have a greater emotional connection to nature and improved wellbeing.