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RP08 Events and Promotion

Ryevitalise consultation eventRyevitalise consultation event

Our events showcase exciting aspects of our projects, and are a great way to learn more about what Ryeviatlise is about.  

To coincide with the Dark Skies Festival, we’re running free ‘Can Fish See in the Dark?’ events at Sutton Bank during February half term - pop by to find the answer to this all important question.

We’re also running a lot of exciting events with several of our partners at Nunnington Hall, firstly we’ll be joining partners for their Easter event, which is river themed! They’ll be lots of interesting stalls all about rivers and what lives in them!

In May we’ll be running our Fish Migration event highlighting the plight of the humble fish. This gears us up nicely for our main launch week, which will be happening in May!

Our official launch day is on Monday 25th May at Sutton Bank National Park Centre. The Ryevitalise Discovery Day is a chance for you to explore what Ryevitalise is about through lots of fun and engaging activities all around Sutton Bank!

During the rest of our launch week (26-29th May) we will be on tour around the catchment running workshops on a variety of river themes including riverflies, mapping, trees, bats and archaeology. For more details of all our launch events please see our events calendar.

Project Aim: To inspire a wide and varied audience – increasing access and learning, ensuring maximum engagement and participation by visitors, stakeholders and communities alike in the scheme; and to develop awareness and ownership, securing continued engagement beyond the life of the scheme.

Project Outcomes:

  • A wide range of people engaged in events
  • Wide appreciation and understanding of the landscape
  • People are more engaged with the landscape.