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WQE02 A More Natural River

River channelRiver channel

A natural functioning river is vital for hydrological processes, as well as enabling fish and other animals to move around freely.  54 obstacles have been identified within the catchment which prevent fish migration or restrict natural processes from occurring.

Over the last month consultants have surveyed 15 structures, suggesting improvements which will make the river a more natural functioning system.

Working with land owners these options will be discussed and full technical drawings created to enable applications to be submitted for necessary consents including planning permission and land drainage consent.

Project Aim: To restore a more naturally functioning river by re-establishing in-channel habitat connectivity and river processes; promoting biosecurity and domestic advice to raise awareness of water quality issues. A more resilient river in the face of ever present environmental pressure like climate change will benefit aquatic species and local communities.

Project Outcomes:

  • Restored natural river processes – restored in-channel habitat, sediment transportation and hydrological connectivity
  • Restored natural river processes – greater habitat availability and access to additional fish spawning habitat
  • Improved understanding of river processes, functions and services
  • Volunteer and community engagement
  • Improved understanding and awareness of the importance of biosecurity and appropriate management of septic tanks
  • Increased monitoring and data gathering