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WQE03 Small and Tall: The Rye’s Bats and Ancient Trees

Inset: Bat by Cyril Schönbächler. Veteran tree in Duncombe Park, HelmsleyInset: Bat by Cyril Schönbächler. Veteran tree in Duncombe Park, Helmsley

We want to celebrate some of the incredible rare and internationally significant species that call the Ryevitalise landscape home.  

The Ryevitalise catchment is home to one of the largest collections of ancient and veteran oak trees in northern England, which in turn provide habitat and roost sites for one of Britain’s rarest mammals, the alcathoe bat.  

We will train up a team of enthusiastic volunteers to drive an exciting citizen science project mapping and recording the distribution and health of these fantastic species.  This valuable data will help us work with land managers to protect them for future generations.

Project Aim: To develop a deeper knowledge of key bat populations including the rare and newly discovered Alcathoe bat, and draw attention to the tremendous resource of veteran and ancient trees in the Ryevitalise landscape area. To educate people about these species, encouraging and promoting appropriate land management and habitat restoration.

Project Outcomes:

  • Improved understanding of veteran tree condition
  • Improved understanding of bat communities
  • Veteran tree restoration and habitat restoration to benefit species including bats
  • Volunteer and community engagement
  • Increased monitoring and data gathering