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Local Plan - Pre-Submission Draft

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Pre-Submission Draft (April 2019)

The Authority consulted on its 'Pre-Submission Draft ' version of the Plan (Regulation 19 draft) in April 2019. This was the version of the Plan which the Authority considers its final version. It was then submitted to Government for independent examination.

Proposed Submission Documents

The following documents are required to be published at this stage under Regulation 19 of the 2012 Local Planning (England) Regulations:

  1. View the 'Pre-Submission' Draft Local Plan
  2. View the Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan Policy Maps. These maps show proposed changes to the existing Policies Map including proposed designation of  Environmental Enhancement Sites (Policy ENV15) and Community Spaces (Policy CO5)
  3. The Sustainability Appraisal Report and Habitats Regulation Assessment. These technical assessments appraise how well the draft plan meets environmental, social and economic objectives and check that no proposals in the draft Plan would cause significant effects on important wildlife sites.
  4. View the Statement of Consultation. This explains how the Authority has involved people in the plan - making process and explains what consultation was undertaken and what responses were made.
  5. View the Notice of Local Plan Publication and Statement of Representations Procedure. This explains that the draft Plan has been published, where the plan can be viewed and where comments should be sent to.

Other Supporting Documents

A short report is available which shows the main changes made to the draft Plan.

View the Summary of Main Changes.

A report setting out a summary of the comments made to the Preferred Options Draft is also available, supported by two appendices setting out detailed comments on the draft Plan, together with the Authority's response. Appendix 2 sets out comments on proposed Visually Important Spaces.

View the Preferred Options Summary of Responses Report

View Appendix 1 - Responses to All Comments

View Appendix 2 - Responses to comments on Visually Important Spaces.

Duty to Support/Statements of Common Ground.

The Authority has also prepared a Duty to Co-operate Statement detailing how it has worked with neighbouring Authorities and others as well as four 'Statements of Common Ground' which confirm that there are no outstanding cross boundary issues that remain unaddressed.

View the Duty to Co-Operate Statement

View the Statement of Common Ground - Hambleton District Council

View the Statement of Common Ground - Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council

View the Statement of Common Ground - Ryedale District Council

View the Statement of Common Ground - Scarborough Borough Council

Topic Papers

The draft Plan is supported by a series of topic papers which explain the background to how we developed the policies in the draft Plan and sets out in more detail some of the alternative options we considered. These are:

  1. Vision and Objectives
  2. Spatial Strategy and Settlement Hierarchy
  3. Tranquillity, A Sense of Remoteness and Dark Night Skies
  4. Heritage
  5. Economy, Tourism and Retail
  6. Community Spaces
  7. Housing

Evidence Base

In addition we have produced or commissioned several new technical documents. These form part of the 'evidence base' for the new Local Plan. All technical documents can be found on our Evidence Base page.