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Pre-Submission Draft Maps

Maps showing proposed changes to the existing policy map (supporting the current Core Strategy and Development Policies document) are available below. Regulations 19 and 22 of the Local Plan (England) Regulations 2012 require that the Authority publishes the Policies Map if changes are proposed.

11 Proposals Maps show the full area of the National Park and the location of each of the 90 inset maps.  Inset Maps have been prepared for settlements listed in the settlement hierarchy set out at page 30 of the draft Plan, plus other villages where changes are proposed (through the designation of Community Spaces under Policy CO5 of the Pre-Submission draft Plan.  

Additional Maps are available for the Environmental Enhancement Sites at Osmotherley and Sneaton identified in Policy ENV15 of the Pre-Submission Draft Plan. A key to the maps is below.

Key to the Maps.

Proposals Maps

Proposal Map 1 - Northern area including Hutton Village, Charltons, Kildale, Commondale and Danby.

Proposal Map 2 - North Eastern area including Staithes, Hinderwell, Roxby, Mickleby, Lythe, Ugthorpe, Newhome and Aislaby

Proposal Map 3 - North Western area including Carlton in Cleveland, Kirby, Faceby, Chop Gate, Swainby, Ingleby Arncliffe and Osmotherley.

Proposal Map 4 - Northern Central area, including Ingleby Greenhow, Battersby Junction, Westerdale, Castleton, Danby, Ainthorpe, Danby Dale, Botton, Bransdale, Farndale East, Church Houses, Rosedale East and Rosedale Abbey.

Proposal Map 5 - Eastern Central area, including Lealholm, Glaisdale, Egton, Egton Bridge, Grosmont, Sleights, Ugglebarnby, Sneaton, Stainsacre, High Hawsker, Littlebeck and Goathland.

Proposal Map 6 - Southern Coastal area - including Robin Hood's Bay, Fylingthorpe, Ravenscar, Staintondale and Harwood Dale.

Proposal Map 7 - Western area, including Over Silton, Hawnby, Old Byland, Scawton, Cold Kirby, Boltby and Cowesby

Proposal Map 8 - South Western area including Helmsley, Bilsdale, Lastingham, Hutton le Hole, Gillamoor, Fadmoor, Appleton le Moors, Sinnington, Pockley, Eastmoors, and Rievaulx.

Proposal Map 9 - South Eastern Central area, including Cropton, Newton on Rawcliffe, Levisham, Lockton, Ellerburn and Thornton le Dale.  

Proposal Map 10 - South Eastern are including Hackness, Scalby, West & East Ayton, Hutton Buscel and Sawdon.

Proposal Map 11- South Western area, including Kilburn, Wass, Ampleforth, Oswaldkirk and Coxwold.

Inset Maps

Osmotherley (Environmental Enhancement Site at Clack Lane)

Sneaton (Environmental Enhancement Site at Low Farm)

  1. Aithorpe.
  2. Aislaby
  3. Ampleforth
  4. Appleton le Moors
  5. Battersby Junction
  6. Beck Hole
  7. Boltby
  8. Botton Village
  9. Bransdale
  10. Carlton in Cleveland
  11. Castleton
  12. Charltons
  13. Chop Gate
  14. Church Houses
  15. Cold Kirby
  16. Commondale
  17. Cowesby
  18. Coxwold
  19. Cropton
  20. Danby
  21. Danby Dale
  22. Eastmoors
  23. Easington
  24. Egton
  25. Egton Bridge
  26. Ellerburn
  27. Faceby
  28. Fadmoor
  29. Fangdale
  30. Farndale
  31. Fylingthorpe
  32. Gillamoor
  33. Glaisdale
  34. Goathland
  35. Grosmont
  36. Harwood Dale
  37. Hackness
  38. Hawnby
  39. Hawsker
  40. Helmsley - note no changes are proposed as Community Facilities are identified in the separate Helmsley Local Plan.
  41. Hinderwell
  42. Hutton Buscel
  43. Hutton le Hole
  44. Hutton Village
  45. Ingleby Arncliffe
  46. Ingleby Greenhow
  47. Kildale
  48. Kirby
  49. Langdale End
  50. Lastingham
  51. Lealholm
  52. Levisham
  53. Littlebeck
  54. Lockton
  55. Kilburn
  56. Lythe
  57. Mickleby
  58. Newholme
  59. Newton on Rawcliffe
  60. Old Byland
  61. Osmotherley (also see Environmental Enhancement Site Map above).
  62. Over Silton
  63. Oswaldkirk
  64. Pockley
  65. Port Mulgrave
  66. Ravenscar
  67. Rievaulx
  68. Robin Hood's Bay
  69. Robin Hoods Bay (Bank Top)
  70. Rosedale Abbey
  71. Rosedale East
  72. Roxby
  73. Runswick Bay
  74. Sawdon
  75. Scalby
  76. Scawton
  77. Sinnington
  78. Sleights
  79. Sneaton (also see Environmental Enhancement Site Map above).
  80. Stainsacre
  81. Staintondale
  82. Staithes
  83. Staithes (Bank Top)
  84. Swainby
  85. Ugglebarnby
  86. Thornton le Dale
  87. Ugthorpe
  88. West and East Ayton
  89. Wass
  90. Westerdale