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Evidence Base

The new Local Plan will need to be underpinned by a comprehensive set of evidence base documents so we can be sure that it is being created with the benefit of the best available information on the planning issues facing the North York Moors National Park.

This page includes links to the evidence that has been created to inform our draft Local Plan.


The North York Moors Landscape Character Assessment (2004)

Other Environmental

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment - Main Report (2017)

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment - Maps (2017)

Habitats Regulation Assessment (2019)

Sustainability Appraisal

Regulation 22  Submission Draft Plan (July 2019).

Sustainability Appraisal Report. This appraises how well the draft plan meets environmental, social and economic objectives. It has informed the plan-making process over time.

Main Report.

Non-Technical Summary

Appendices 1-4.  Summary of Requirements of SEA Directive, Review of Plans and Programmes, Consultation Responses to the Scoping Report and Preferred Options Draft Report.

Appendix 5- Sustainability Appraisals for Each Policy.

Appendices 6-8. – Cumulative Effects of Pre-Submission Policies,Recommended Mitigation Measures, , Monitoring Framework.

Addendum - Sustainability Appraisal of Proposed Modifications.

Regulation 18 Preferred Options Plan

Sustainability Appraisal - Preferred Options Local Plan (2018)

Initial Scoping Report.

Sustainability Appraisal - Local Plan Scoping Report (2016).



The Strategic Housing Market Assessment, May 2016

Land Availability Assessment, June 2019.

Land Availability Assessment, Update Report, October 2019

Land Availability Assessment, Appendix 6 Site Assessments. Part 1 - Battersby to Coxwold

Land Availability Assessment, Appendix 6 Site Assessments. Part 2 - Easington to Helmsley

Land Availability Assessment, Appendix 6 Site Assessments. Part 3 - Hinderwell to Runswick Bay

Land Availability Assessment, Appendix 6 Site Assessments. Part 4 - Sandsend to West Ayton

(Note - Appendix 6 documents are large files and may take a while to download.)

Draft Land Availability Assessment - A list of submitted sites with outcomes is also available.

Open Space

Open Space Assessment (July 2018),


Report on the Economy of The North York Moors National Park (2015)

Infrastructure and Viability

Infrastructure Assessment (February 2019).

Local Plan Viability Report (October 2018):

Main Report

Appendix 1 - Assessment of Policies (Policy Matrix)

Appendix 2 - Residential Site Typology Matrix

Appendix 3 - Residential Market Paper

Appendix 4a - Assessment of External Costs - Summary Letter

Appendix 4b - Assessment of  External Costs - Full Report

Appendix 5a - Stakeholder Workshop Attendance List

Appendix 5b - Stakeholder Workshop Presentation

Appendix 6a - Residential Appraisals Sites A to F

Appendix 6b - Residential Appraisals Sites G to L

Appendix 6c - Residential Appraisals Sites M to R

Annual Monitoring Report

The Annual Monitoring Report is published annually and reports on the outcomes of the Development Plan, including an analysis of decisions made on planning applications.

2012 Annual Monitoring Report

2013 Annual Monitoring Report

2014 Annual Monitoring Report

2015 Annual Monitoring Report

2016 Annual Monitoring Report

2017 Annual Monitoring Report

2018 Annual Monitoring Report

2019 Annual Monitoring Report