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The draft North York Moors Local Plan was submitted on 2 July 2019 to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government for independent examination. This page lists all documents relevant to the production and examination of the draft Local Plan.

Submission - the Authority's covering letter to the Planning Inspectorate

Document Library List

The Examination Documents

18/10/19 EXMIQ1 NYMNPA Response to Matter 1 - Legal Compliance

18/10/19 EXMIQ2 NYMNPA Response to Matter 2 -Communities - Strategic Policy M & Policies CO6-CO20

18/10/19 EXMIQ3 NYMNPA Response to Matter 3 - Strategic Approach - Strategic Policies A to D

18/10/19 EXMIQ4 NYMNPA Response to Matter 4 - Environment - Strategic Policies E-H and Policies ENV1-8

18/10/19 EXMIQ5 NYMNPA Response to Matter 5 - The Historic Environment - Strategic Policy I  Policies ENV9-15

18/10/19 EXMIQ6 NYMNPA Response to Matter 6 - Understanding and Enjoyment - Strategic Policy J  Policies UE1-4

18/10/19 EXMIQ7 NYMNPA Response to Matter 7 - Business & Land Management - Strategic Policy K & Policies BL1-BL12

18/10/19 EXMIQ8 NYMNPA Response to Matter 8 - Communities - Strategic Policy L & Policies CO1 - CO5

10/9/19. Inspector's Examination Guidance Notes

10/9/19. Inspector's Matters, Issues and Questions.

The Submission Documents

The following documents are required to be published at this stage under Regulation 22 of the 2012 Local Planning(England Regulations):

LP001. The Draft Local Plan (Regulation 19 Consultation) (April 2019)

LP002. The Submission Statement (July 2019)

LP003. Schedule of Proposed Modifications following Regulation 19 consultation. Please note a further set were posted on the Examination page on 5 November.

LP004. Draft Local Plan - Tracked Changes version showing changes made as a result of proposed modifications.

LP005. The Statement of Consultation (June 2019)

LP006. Summary of representations made to the Regulation 19 draft Plan under Regulation 20 - ordered by Respondent, with the Authority's response and proposed action

LP007. Summary of representations made to the Regulation 19 draft Plan under Regulation 20 - ordered by Policy, with the Authority's response and proposed action

LP008. Original Representations made to the Regulation 19 draft Plan under Regulation 20, in alphabetical order.

LP009. The Submission Draft Local Plan Policy Maps These maps show proposed changes to the existing Policies Map including proposed designation of Community Spaces and Environmental Enhancement Sites(Policy ENV15 and Community Spaces (Policy CO5)

LP010. Soundness Self Assessment Checklist (June 2019)

LP011. Legal Compliance Self Assessment Checklist (June 2019)

Policy Map - Proposed Changes

PMK. Key to the Maps

PM1-11: Proposals Maps

PMIMEES1. Osmotherley (Environmental Enhancement Site at Clack Lane)

PMIMESS2. Sneaton (Environmental Enhancement Site at Low Farm)

PMIM 1 - 90: Inset Maps

The Sustainability Appraisal & Habitats Regulation Assessment Reports

SD001. Main Report

SD001a. Non-Technical Summary

SD001b. Appendices 1 - 4 Summary of Requirements of SEA Directive, Review of Plans and Programmes, Consultation Responses to the Scoping Report and Preferred Options Draft Report

SD001c. Appendix 5 Sustainability Appraisals for Each Policy

SD001d. Appendices 6 - 8 Cumulative Effects of Pre-Submission Policies,Recommended Mitigation Measures, , Monitoring Framework

SD001e. The Sustainability Appraisal Report - June 2019 Addendum This report includes an assessment of the effects of the Main Modifications proposed by the Authority, should they be included in the final Plan.

SD001f. Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (September 2016)

SD001g. Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report - Appendices (September 2016)

SD002. The Habitats Regulation Assessment (June 2019)

Duty to Co-operate Statement and Statements of Common Ground

DTC001. Duty to Co-Operate Statement

DTC002. Statement of Common Ground - Hambleton District Council

DTC003. Statement of Common Ground - Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council

DTC004. Statement of Common Ground - Ryedale District Council

DTC005. Statement of Common Ground - Scarborough Borough Council

Topic Papers

TP001. Vision and Objectives

TP002. Spatial Strategy and Settlement Hierarchy

TP003. Tranquillity, A Sense of Remoteness and Dark Night Skies

TP004. Heritage

TP005. Economy, Tourism and Retail

TP006. Community Spaces

TP007. Housing

Evidence Base

EB001. The North York Moors Landscape Character Assessment (2004)

EB002. Strategic Flood Risk Assessment - Main Report (2017)

EB002a. Strategic Flood Risk Assessment - Maps (2017)

EB003. The Strategic Housing Market Assessment (May 2016)

EB004. Land Availability Assessment (June 2019)

EB004a. Land Availability Assessment, Appendix 6 Site Assessments. Part 1 - Battersby to Coxwold

EB004b. Land Availability Assessment, Appendix 6 Site Assessments. Part 2 - Easington to Helmsley

EB004c. Land Availability Assessment, Appendix 6 Site Assessments. Part 3 - Hinderwell to Runswick Bay

EB004d. Land Availability Assessment, Appendix 6 Site Assessments. Part 4 - Sandsend to West Ayton

EB004e. Land Availability Assessment - A list of submitted sites with outcomes.

EB004f Land Availability Assessment - Update Report, October 2019.

EB005. Open Space Assessment (July 2018)

EB006. Report on the Economy of The North York Moors National Park (2015)

EB007. Infrastructure Assessment (February 2019).

EB008. Local Plan Viability Report (October 2018) - Main Report

EB008a. Local Plan Viability Report Appendix 1 - Assessment of Policies (Policy Matrix)

EB008b. Local Plan Viability Report Appendix 2 - Residential Site Typology Matrix

EB008c. Local Plan Viability Report Appendix 3 - Residential Market Paper

EB008d. Local Plan Viability Report Appendix 4a - Assessment of External Costs - Summary Letter

EB008e. Local Plan Viability Report Appendix 4b - Assessment of External Costs - Full Report

EB008f. Local Plan Viability Report Appendix 5a - Stakeholder Workshop Attendance List

EB008g. Local Plan Viability Report Appendix 5b - Stakeholder Workshop Presentation

EB008h. Local Plan Viability Report Appendix 6a - Residential Appraisals Sites A to F

EB00i. Local Plan Viability Report Appendix 6b - Residential Appraisals Sites G to L

EB008j. Local Plan Viability Report Appendix 6c - Residential Appraisals Sites M to R

EB009. Officer's Extentions Survey Report.  

Procedural Documents

PD001. Local Development Scheme (2018)

PD002. Statement of Community Involvement (2018)

PD003. Equalities Impact Assessment (2019)

PD004. Annual Monitoring Report (2018)

Local Plan - Historical Documents

Previous Consultations and Plans

LPH001. 'Pre-Submission' Local Plan (see submission documents above, LP001)

LPH002. 'Pre-Submission' Local Plan Summary of Main Changes (April 2019)

LPH003. 'Preferred Options' Draft Local Plan

LPH004. 'Preferred Options' Draft Local Plan Summary Document (April 2019)

LPH005. Preferred Options Summary of Responses Report (April 2019)

LPH005a. 'Preferred Options' Summary of Responses Report - Appendix 1 - Response to all comments (April 2019)

LPH005b. 'Preferred Options' Summary of Responses Report - Appendix 2 - Response to comments on Visually Important Spaces (April 2019)

LPH006. A Sense of Tranquillity, a Strong Feeling of Remoteness and Dark Night Skies - Consultation (December 2017)

LPH006a. A Sense of Tranquility Remote Areas and Dark Skies at Night Consultation Responses (April 2018)

LPH007. Current Thinking (October 2017)

LPH007a. 'Current Thinking' - Summary of Consultation Responses Report (February 2018)

LPH008. The First Steps Document (September 2016)

LPH008a. First Steps - Summary of Consultation Report (September 2016)

LP009. Adopted North York Moors Local Plan, 2003

Current and Draft Policies

CP001. Core Strategy and Development Policies (2008)

CP002. Whitby Business Park Area Action Plan (2014)

CP003. Helmsley Local Plan (2015)

CP004. North York Moors National Park Management Plan (2016)

CP005. Draft Minerals & Waste Joint Plan (2016) - North Yorkshire County Council, City of York Council and the North York Moors National Park Authority

CP005a. Draft Minerals and Waste Joint Plan - Addendum of Proposed Changes (July 2017)

CP005b Draft Minerals and Waste Joint Plan - Minor Corrections to the Addendum of Proposed Changes (November 2017)

CP005c Draft Minerals and Waste Joint Plan - Schedule of Further Proposed Changes (November 2017)

CP005d Draft Minerals and Waste Joint Plan - Schedule of Main Modifications - edited January 2019

Current and Draft Policies - Other Planning Authorities

CP006. Ryedale Plan - Local Plan Strategy (September 2013)

CP007. Scarborough Borough Local Plan (July 2017)

CP008. Draft Hambleton Local Plan - Preferred Options Draft (October 2016)

CP009. Redcar & Cleveland Local Plan (May 2018)

Supplementary Planning Documents (of relevance to the draft Local Plan)

CP010. Whitby Business Park Design Brief (2016)

CP011. Renewable Energy Supplementary Planning Document

CP012. Hutton Buscel Village Design Statement

CP013. Osmotherley and Thimbleby Village Design Statement (2011)

CP014. Ampleforth Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan (2010)

CP015. Oswaldkirk Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan (2010)

CP016a. Design Guide Part One: General Principles

CP016b. Design Guide Part Two: Extensions and Alterations to Dwellings

CP016c. Design Guide Part Three: Trees and Landscape

CP016d. Design Guide Part Four: The Re-use of Traditional Rural Buildings

CP016e. Design Guide Part Five: New Agricultural Buildings

Relevant National Policies and Guidance

NPG001. National Planning Policy Framework (February 2019)

NPG002. National Planning Policy Guidance

NPG003. Vision and Circular on English National Parks and the Broads also known as the National Parks Vision and Circular, DEFRA (2010)

NPG004. National Parks - 8 Point Plan for England (2016-20) DEFRA, March 2016

NPG005. A Green Future - Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment DEFRA, 2018

Development Plan Working Group Minutes

Development Plan Working Group - 2016-06-09

Development Plan Working Group - 2016-07-15

Development Plan Working Group - 2016-08-19

Development Plan Working Group - 2017-10-19

Development Plan Working Group - 2017-11-24

Development Plan Working Group - 2017-01-19

Development Plan Working Group - 2017-04-20

Development Plan Working Group - 2017-06-01

Development Plan Working Group - 2017-06-29

Development Plan Working Group - 2017-08-10

Development Plan Working Group - 2017-08-31

Development Plan Working Group - 2017-09-21

Development Plan Working Group - 2017-11-03

Development Plan Working Group - 2018-02-15

Development Plan Working Group - 2018-04-19

Development Plan Working Group - 2018-05-17

Development Plan Working Group - 2018-07-04

Development Plan Working Group - 2019-02-12 (draft minutes)

Authority Reports & Minutes

Planning Committee Report - 2017-10-19

Planning Committee Minutes - 2017-10-19

Planning Committee Report - 2018-07-19

Planning Committee Minutes - 2018-07-19

Planning Committee Report - 2018-12-13

Planning Committee Minutes - 2018-12-13

National Park Authority Meeting - Report - 2019-03-25

National Park Authority Meeting - Minutes - 2019-03-25