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Planning applications

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How do I apply for planning permission?

The relevant application form can be downloaded from the Forms and Guidance section of Authority's website, submitted online via the national Planning Portal website ( or obtained in hard copy from the National Park Authority. There are guidance notes to assist with the completion of the forms.

You may wish to consider appointing a professional agent who will be familiar with the planning process and who can help your application be processed smoothly.

Should you wish to have your application checked by a Member of the Administration Team prior to submission an appointment will be required. Please note there is a charge for this service which is set out in the Planning and Administration Charges schedule

Please note - regarding the submission of plans, that where parties appear to the Authority to be acting in breach of copyright or other intellectual property right, the Authority may pass their details to the owner of the relevant right.

How are applications assessed?

After the planning application has been submitted the Authority will, where appropriate, consult neighbouring properties, the relevant Parish Council and other relevant bodies e.g. Highway Authority, Environmental Health, Environment Agency etc asking for their views on the proposal. For most applications a site notice will be placed on or near to the application site inviting comments and where appropriate an advertisement placed in the local newspaper.

Together with any comments received as a result of the consultation process all proposals for development are assessed against the planning policies set out in the North York Moors Local Development Framework. Planning decisions must be made in accordance with the Local Development Framework unless there are exceptional planning circumstances that could override the normal planning policy considerations. A plain English guide to the Planning System is available.

How can I view/comment on a planning application?

View the documents associated with a current or determined application or to make comments on a current application and follow the instructions provided.

Please Note: Any application received on or after 11 June 2018 will only be held in electronic format on our website. Should you wish to view the electronic file at the National Park Offices in Helmsley this is by appointment only.

Who makes the decision?

Scheme of Delegation

Many straight forward and non-controversial applications are determined by the Director of Planning under a Scheme of Delegation agreed by the National Park Authority. If you wish to view the provisions of the Scheme of Delegation this is available to view on the Authority’s website using the following link:

Scheme of Delegation

Planning Committee

If an application does not accord with the provisions of the Scheme of Delegation, it will be determined by the Authority's Planning Committee which meets once approximately every six weeks, usually on a Thursday starting at 10am at the National Park Offices in Helmsley, however due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak and the need to comply with current ”lockdown” regulations Planning Committee Meetings will temporarily be held in a virtual format using the Lifesize video conferencing facility. The Authority has produced a Virtual Public Meeting Protocol, which sets out how the North York Moors National Park Authority virtual committee meetings will operate. The Protocol can be accessed on the Meetings and Agenda’s section of the Authority’s website

To find out more about how to attend the virtual meeting and/or participate please read the Authority's Public Speaking at Planning Committee Guidance Note.

After the decision

Once a planning application is determined a copy of the decision notice will be made available for public inspection on the Authority's website.

If your application is approved, it is likely to be subject to conditions that may require further details to be submitted before development starts on site. It is important that all conditions of a planning permission are complied with as failure to do so may render the permission invalid and may result in enforcement action.

Following a grant of planning permission, you may wish to make amendments to the approved scheme. If permission is refused, you may wish to negotiate with the Authority and re-submit your proposal. For further information  please contact the Case Officer who dealt with your application.

If you wish to challenge a particular condition of your planning permission or refusal of planning permission, you have a right to appeal to the Secretary of State. Under current Government Planning Legislation once a planning decision has been made only the applicant can appeal against that decision; there is no third party right of appeal.

How can I appeal against a decision?

The appeals procedure and time frame in which you must appeal to the Secretary of State can be found on the reverse of your decision notice.