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At Home Nature Club


Orla is back for our Dark Skies Festival!

She's heard about or dark skies festival which starts on Friday 12th February and she's got some new missions for you all. This time she's brought some friends and they all need a home to visit. Would you like to adopt an alien and complete the new missions? Just get in touch and we'll post one out to you.  Make sure you check out the Moors Centre or Sutton Bank  facebook pages to find out what the new missions are.

Mission 5: Create an alien headband


1. You will need 

Coloured card for the headband, glue or sellotape, paper for eyes, pipe cleaners for antennae , stickers, beads, buttons, glitter- anything for decoration!

You will need 

2. Make a circular headband

Firstly, cut strips of card to make a circular headband to fit the wearer,  use glue or sellotape to stick the strips together to form the right size.

Make a circular headband 

3. Create a twirly antennae

Use the pipe cleaners to make curly antennae by wrapping them around a pencil or wooden spoon.

Create a twirly antennae

4. Attach antennae to headband

Attach antennae to headband

5. Make googly eyes

Cut two large ovals of white, then two smaller circles of black to stick on for pupils. Make as many as your alien requires – try sticking them on top of the antennae or around the headband!

Make googly eyes

6. Decorate as you wish

Decorate the antennae and the headband with whatever you have to hand; buttons, glitter, stickers, create paper shapes for a mouth or nose, or use your alien imagination to design a unique alien of your own.

Decorate as you wish

At Home Nature Club Missions

During the COVID-19 outbreak and the first lockdown we launched our 'At Home Nature Club' featuring Orla the Alien.  Orla travelled hundreds of miles from outer space on a research mission to discover the life on planet earth. The only problem was that she wasn't allowed to travel around the country due to the restrictions.

Orla decided to set some missions for children and families to help her discover what’s so special about their own little slices of planet Earth. You can still complete the missions just scroll down.

Here is our book 'Orla the Alien and how she came to Earth', illustrated by children during the lockdown period.

This mission is to take yourselves on a Sense Exploration.

Want to identify leaves and sort them to learn their names then download this leaf bingo sheet.

Here's a set of missions looking for plants.

If minibeasts are your thing then download our Minibeast Missions 1 or Minibeast Mission 2 sheets.

Perhaps you like being creative and would enjoy some missions creating natural art, mud monsters or raft making?

Colours might be your thing? Here are some missions to create a rainbow or search for plants of a similar colour.

This is a spotter sheet. for a scavenger hunt whilst out and about.

We hope you enjoy the missions.