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Key Stage 2

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These activities are led by experienced leaders from the National Park Education Service and are based at The Moors National Park Centre and Sutton Bank Visitor Centre. Activities last from an hour up to a full day and the maximum capacity is usually 60 children depending on the children's age, the number of accompanying adults and the activities. If you can't see anything suitable here, we're happy to adapt activities whenever possible to link to your objectives or to cater for any special needs of your children.

Learning about the National Park and FREE assemblies

A Sense of Place (pdf) Indoor session combining slides, resources and small group work to help children understand the concept of national parks and the special qualities of the North York Moors.

Exhibitions (pdf) Take a look at the innovative and interactive exhibitions in our visitor centres.

Free assemblies for Primaries around the National Park include options on the National Park's special wildlife (linked to the science curriculum) and different places to visit around the North York Moors which supports the wellbeing agenda and is popular just before holidays through the year.

Discovery walks

We use a range of resources and short activities along these routes to help children enjoy and understand these spectacular places.   

Moorland Walk  (pdf)  Circular walk from The Moors National Park Centre to experience the moorland environment.

Food and Farming Walk (pdf) Circular walk through farmland from The Moors National Park Centre

White Horse Walk (pdf) Circular route from Sutton Bank National Park Centre to the famous White Horse of Kilburn.  

Robin Hood's Bay Walk (pdf)  Along the beach to Boggle Hole and back along the Cleveland Way cliff top path.

Levisham Moor Walk (pdf) A circular walk around the Hole of Horcum from Saltergate car park on the A169 

Living things and their habitats

Moorland Discovery Day (pdf) A full day of moorland themed activities, indoors and outdoors

Woodland Discovery Day (pdf) A full day of woodland themed activities, indoors and outdoors 

River Discovery Day (pdf) A full day of river themed activities, indoors and outdoors 

Seashore Activities -  Rock pooling, beach art, walks, village studies in Robin Hoods Bay 

Woodland Habitat Study (pdf)  Quarter day session in a woodland environment

River Investigation (pdf) Half day session working in a small tributary of the River Esk

Classifying and Identifying Animals (pdf) Indoor session including 'Battle of the Beasts' team quiz, a giant floor ID key for moorland birds and working in teams to design a new bird adapted to a particular habitat.  

Animals and Adaptations (pdf) Indoor session, handling a range of stuffed animals & birds looking at similarities, differences and adaptations. 

Quest for the Lost Words (pdf) New for 2019 and linked to the best selling book.  A guided walk through different habitats searching for the lost words and writing our own poetry.

Nocturnal Animals (pdf) A range of sensory activities and games, indoors and outdoors, to learn how nocturnal animals use senses and adaptations to find their prey and avoid becoming another's prey. 

Evolution (pdf) An exciting workshop, which can be used as an introduction to evolution, or as reinforcement of previous learning.


River Investigation (pdf) Half day session working in a small tributary of the River Esk.

Map Skills (pdf) Indoor & outdoor session including use of maps, point to point navigating and team orienteering trail in the grounds of the centre. 

Compass Skills (pdf) Learn to walk on a compass bearing using a compass course in the grounds of the centre.

Geocaching (pdf) Hi-tech orienteering with GPS units.

Danby Settlement Study(pdf) Assess the function of Danby village by recording services & facilities on a base map, then discuss options for a new development in the village.    


Stone Age Day (pdf)  A full day of outdoor activities learning how Stone Age people used woodlands and how the landscape has changed since the last ice age. Available May to October only.

Discover the First Railways (pdf) A walk from Goathland to Grosmont following the route of George Stephenson's original railway line of 1836, includes resources and activities to do along the way.

Farms to Furnaces (pdf) A history discovery day based in the scenic village of Grosmont.  Through hands-on, fun activities children discover how Grosmont changed from a tiny farming community into a hive of industry in Victorian times.

Art and design

Landscape Painting (pdf) Relaxing outdoor session learning to sketch and then paint a view with watercolours.

What is Sculpture? (pdf) Tour of sculptures in the grounds of the centre followed by group work to create sculptures out of natural materials.

Woolly Weaving (pdf) Indoor session including demonstrations of traditional weaving techniques and an opportunity for children to make a 'Gods Eye' to take away. 

Resources for KS 2 teachers

Free resources to extend learning before and after activities.

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