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River Rye at Low Locker by Liz BassindaleRiver Rye at Low Locker by Liz Bassindale

Once a lifeblood for communities, providing clean water, power and an abundance of wildlife, our connection to the River Rye is gradually being lost.

‘Ryevitalise’ is a £3.4 million Landscape Partnership Scheme supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund, North York Moors National Park Authority and partners, and inspired by local communities.

The four year scheme will focus on three main themes:

  • Water Quality and Environment - working with land managers to improve the aquatic habitat of the Rye, and the rare and threatened species that the river and wider landscape supports;
  • Water Level Management - harnessing natural flood processes to create a more naturally functioning river; and
  • Reconnecting People - improving understanding of the river landscape by telling the story of its evolution and encouraging people to protect their heritage, promoting volunteering opportunities.

The scheme will revitalize the Rye's natural and cultural heritage, reconnecting people to the river and supporting the regeneration of the landscape through an exciting suite of projects. These projects include things like improving water quality and natural functioning of the River Rye through river restoration; reducing sedimentation and diffuse pollution; identifying, restoring and expanding priority high-value habitats, creating habitat corridors and controlling invasive species; building on our understanding of our rare and important species, such as the Alcathoe bat and the White-clawed crayfish; restoring the Rye's ancient woodlands; engaging and re-engaging with local land managers to encourage learning and sharing of best practice to bring about environmental improvements and providing a diverse range of community engagement and education initiatives including a River Rangers club for young people and the opportunity to take part in innovative Citizen Science projects.

A Landscape Character Action Plan was produced during the development phase and was submitted as part of the stage two application to The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Next Steps

Supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund, North York Moors National Park Authority and partners, this £3.4 million scheme will run between summer 2019 and 2023.

Trees and pasture at Rievaulx

The projects

Details on the 19 project elements which make up the Ryevitalise Landscape Partnership Programme

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