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The team are now busy getting delivery underway including; setting up Conservation Agreements working with local land managers, delivering education activities to schools and outreach groups, developing projects to improve water quality, training volunteers to undertake practical conservation tasks, as well as developing groups of Citizen Scientists to undertaken species and habitat surveys.

To get involved with Ryevitalise, and become a core part of the project, why not take a look below to see how you can get involved in our exciting volunteers roles. We can also provide a wide array of grants and advice for landowners, helping to stem erosion and improve biodiversity for flora and fauna. Check out how below.

Be Involved

If you have a passion for nature and love the outdoors then Ryevitalise has a volunteering opportunity for you!

Opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Ancient/Veteran tree surveyor – Join our volunteers who help identify and survey ancient and veteran trees throughout the River Rye catchment area
  • Bat surveyor – Join our dedicated team of bat surveyors to help identify different species. This is vital in understanding the mapping and conservation of rare species
  • Education volunteer – Join Amy, our Education and Outreach Officer, in communicating the joy of understanding rivers, their landscape and ecology, to children and adults
  • Events volunteer – Enjoy interacting with the public? Join the team in helping to spread the word of the Ryevitalise Landscape Scheme at open days, workshops, county shows, etc.
  • River Rangers (for young people aged 11-17 years old) – Learn all about the important of river conservation and fish identification with the River Rangers!

To find out more about any of these roles and other opportunities, please contact the Volunteering Team.

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Grants and Advice

Are you a landowner looking to improve the biodiversity of your land or need help to stem erosion? Ryevitalise can offer advice and a range of grants to help create, maintain and restore habitats within the Rye catchment area.

We can offer grants and advice for the following measures:

  • Buffer strips – used to mitigate soil erosion and watercourse pollution, buffer strips can consist of trees, hedges, wildflowers or grass
  • Invasive non-native species – advice and measures used to control species such as Himalayan balsam
  • Hedgerows – used by many animals for shelter and provides protection from wind and rain erosion
  • Bat identification – we can carry out bat surveys to identify which species are present
  • Species rich grassland – we can create wildflower meadows to promote biodiversity
  • Marshy grassland – we can maintain important feeding areas for wading birds
  • Water improvement measures (livestock watering points) – fund alternative watering points for livestock to prevent river pollution
  • Plantations on Ancient Woodland Sites (PAWS) – advice and funds towards restoring ancient woodland sites
  • Veteran trees – we can plant veteran trees to improve habitat connections, especially in fields with minimal numbers of boundary or in-field trees

For further information please contact James, our Senior Catchment Restoration Officer, by email on or telephone 01439 772562


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