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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Planning service from October 2020

Whilst we are still unable to open fully and operate in the same way as pre-covid, recent changes in Government advice will allow us to revert to our previous public consultation processes as set out in the Statement of Community Involvement.

This means that neighbour notification letters of planning applications will be sent out as from 1 September and officers will visit sites to post site application notices as before.

Planning staff have returned to working from home as from 13 October, however contact can still be made by email or by telephone. Please use existing contact details provided on our website.

The offices in Helmsley are closed for unarranged public access. Subject to visitors adherence to the Authority’s Covid-19 safeguarding protocol, pre-arranged meetings with Officers may take place if considered essential; however, it is preferred that any such meetings are on-site and outside (in the case of pre-application advice this will be subject to the normal site visit fees).

Planning Committee meetings

The National Park Planning Committee recognises the need to balance continuing decision-making on planning issues so that developments are ready to assist an economic recovery, together with public engagement on the most contentious developments.

Whilst all Planning decisions are still currently delegated to the Chief Executive/Director of Planning, it is with a caveat that those most contentious applications will still be dealt with by a North York Moors Planning Committee.

Current advice still discourages face-to-face public meetings, and the September and October Planning Committee meetings will be virtual Planning Committees undertaken by use of the Authority’s chosen videoconferencing platform ‘Lifesize’, with a public streaming facility to enable proceedings to be watched.

The Authority has produced a Virtual Public Meeting Protocol, which sets out how the North York Moors National Park Authority virtual committee meetings will operate. The Protocol can be accessed on the Meetings and agendas section of the Authority's website.

Public speaking (3 minute slots) will be facilitated, with speakers having the ability to take part for their speaking slot. An email will be sent out to objectors/supporters/Parish Town councils who have already commented on those most contentious planning applications to be determined by the upcoming virtual Planning Committees. Those that formally register to speak will be sent a further email the day before the virtual Planning Committee meeting is due to take place with a link to join the meeting and supporting guidance.

To ensure the virtual Planning Committee meeting is conducted in an open and transparent manner, it will be live streamed to the public. A link will be published under the relevant Planning Committee heading of the Meetings and agendas section of the Authority’s website in due course.

It is intended that this will be reviewed in November, depending on any changes to national advice and regulations relating to the pandemic.

Any queries, please contact Mark Hill, Head of Development Management  by email