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Minerals and Waste Joint Plan

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Update November 2017 – INEOS Shale UK, the company with several Oil & Gas exploration (PEDL) licences along the southern edge of the National Park and Northern edge of the Yorkshire Wolds (south of Malton) have approached the Authority to advise that, in 2018, they are to commence public consultation events to explain their exploration intentions in respect of their local licenses. These will start in the Yorkshire Wolds (south of Malton) and then be followed by the southern edge of the North York Moors Local Plan. Details will be published in the local Press nearer the time and we will aim to publish them on this webpage.

Minerals and Waste Joint Plan

The National Park Authority is working with North Yorkshire County Council and the City of York Council on the production of the Minerals and Waste Joint Plan which will contain policies against which planning applications for minerals and waste developments will be determined. 

Further information about the Plan is available on the Joint Plan website.

What is included in the Plan

The Minerals and Waste Joint Plan includes:

  • The approach the 3 authorities would like to take in making decisions on future minerals and waste related development
  • Guidelines for where, when and how much minerals and waste related development should take place in the plan area
  • Policies for each mineral type and the different types of waste produced in the area
  • Specific policies relating to development management issues such as transport and protection of the environment and communities
  • A number of sites which are considered suitable in principle, subject to necessary planning permission, for future minerals and waste development.


The Minerals and Waste Joint Plan has now been submitted under Regulation 22(3) of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 to the Department of Communities and Local Government on 28 November 2017.

You can read information about the submission and examination on the Joint Plan website. The key documents will also be made available at various deposit locations around North Yorkshire, including the National Park Centres, neighbouring Council Offices and local libraries. Notification will be sent out, either by email or post, to all parties who have expressed an interest in the minerals and waste joint plan.

A programme officer has been appointed and their details are available on the examination page. All future updates will be provided on the examination page including who to contact, who the inspector will be, and all the papers and evidence relating to the examination in public. The examination page will be regularly updated as required.

Previous stages of consultation

The first consultation stage took place in May and June of 2013. This stage presented initial information about the plan and sought views on what the plan should contain.

The 'Issues and Options consultation' took place in Spring 2014 where we received comments on policies and potential allocations as well as further sites and information being submitted.

During March 2015, we ran a supplementary sites consultation which gave people the opportunity to comment on new sites and information submitted at the Issues and Options stage.

The Preferred Options Consultation ran between November 2015 and January 2016 which sought views on the Preferred Approach included in the Joint Mnerals and Waste Plan. The outcomes of this has fed into the Joint Plan Publication draft.

The Publication Consultation ran between 9 November 2016 and 21 December 2016. Responses received at this stage have fed into the Addendum of Proposed Changes consultation document.

The Addendum of Proposed Changes consultation ran between 12 July 2017 and 6 September 2017. 

All documents that have been produced in relation to the Minerals and Waste Joint Plan are available from the Joint Plan website.