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Tree Preservation Orders

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The National Park Authority has a legal obligation to protect trees and is able to make a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) to protect the special amenity value of a tree, group of trees or woodland.

In most cases, if an owner wishes to fell trees or cut back any branches on a tree covered by a TPO, they must apply to the National Park Authority giving details of the proposal and obtain written permission before carrying out the work.

There are certain exceptions to the need to apply to do work - for example, if the tree is dead or if you are intending to remove dead branches.

However, replanting could still be required and you should consult with the National Park Authority before carrying out emergency work on a protected tree because unauthorised work could result in prosecution.

How do I find out which trees are protected by TPOs?

How to apply

You must complete the standard form which should be printed off and returned to the address below, or you can use the online planning application form on the National Planning Portal. (There is no fee for for using the TPO process).

Important Information

Employing a qualified tree surgeon is recommended as poor tree surgery can have a serious affect on tree health. It is normally expected that work will be carried out in accordance with BS 3998: 2010 Tree work - Recommendations.

Where felling is agreed it is usually a requirement to replace each tree felled.

Felling licences still apply to TPOs.

Useful information to download

Tree Preservation Order Application Form (pdf)

Further guidance on applying to do work to protected trees (pdf)

Design Guide Part 3: Trees and Landscape North York Moors National Park Authority (pdf)

Online form - available on the National Planning Portal website

Planning Practice Guidance

Useful links

Felling Licences on the Forestry Commission website

Tree surgery information - Arboricultural Association website


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